What we're about

This is for people who want to be more focused and more productive with their time. I don't do affirmations, I don't navel-gaze, I hit challenges head on and call people on their bullshit.

Who are you?
> You have tasks that's been on your "to-do" list for a month.
> Your desk looks like a hurricane hit it.
> You're always late for appointments.
> You feel you waste time during the day.
> You're resisting doing something that will improve your career, your family life, your relationships, etc.

Who is this for?
> People who are tired of how they've been run by their resistance, avoidance and procrastination.
> People who are ready to be accountable for own actions and not blame other people, the world or situations.

Who is this not for?
> People who want to be coddled or enabled.
> People who are afraid to take on tough self-discovery.

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