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Working in Hollywood is unlike working anywhere else in the world. For most of us, jobs last days, weeks, or months, not years. Successful pros in the entertainment industry are entrepreneurial, collaborative, and financially savvy. They understand the economics of media and deal making.

This meetup will help you acquire the unique skills and insights you need in order to thrive as a creative professional working in the media capital of the world.

We record some of our in-depth expert events and you can find the recordings posted here (http://filmfundingla.com/film-funding-videos/).

If you have any questions about this group, reach out to Michael Praver at mpraver@FilmFundingLA.com.

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Casting Actors for Your Indie Projects Quickly (Online Workshop)

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To attend this workshop, and get all the supporting videos and workbooks, sign up at https://nancyfulton.gumroad.com/l/HsymON/ccoc988

In this event you learn how to cast union and non-union actors in very quickly and cost effectively. The tools and techniques outlined in his particular workshop work great for you on non-union and low-budget union projects.

Topics addressed in this workshop:

Hiring actors for indie shorts, features, zoom movies, web series, animated characters, audiobooks, etc.

How to put out a breakdown of the roles you want to hire actors for, including how to write roles actors want to play.

How to create sides for the actors to help them understand the roles you want them to play and to allow them to audition.

Where to release your breakdowns and how to address payment.

The key differences and requirements of hiring for union and non-union projects including what you have to do differently.

In-depth resources that come free with this workshop include:

Hiring Cast and Crew Legally Video (1 Hour)
Contract Fundaments featuring Attorney Justin Sterling Video (1 Hour)
Making Film Budgets (1 Hour)
Copyright & Work-for-Hire Fundamentals featuring Attorney Paul S Levine (1 Hour)

If you you want to start hiring actors to play roles in your projects so you can produce and distribute them, or sell them to others, this is a good workshop to attend.

If you have questions about this workshop, please email [masked].

Sign up at https://nancyfulton.gumroad.com/l/HsymON/ccoc988 to attend this workshop and to get all the supporting videos and workbooks.

Interview: Bruce Wawrzyniak / Now Hear This in Top 2% of Podcasts Worldwide

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To attend this important workshop and get the supporting videos and how-to workbook, sign up at https://nancyfulton.gumroad.com/l/QfsQy/pxrxjdp

Bruce Wawrzyniak, creator of the NOW HEAR THIS ENTERTAINMENT podcast, has created a very popular entertainment podcast which is in the top 2% most popular shows out of more than 2.5 million podcasts worldwide.

Bruce is a highly skilled writer/producer who works with entertainment industry professionals to define their brands, projects, and businesses so they can be more successfully and profitably promoted. He also handles public and press relations and active marketing operations for many creatives, giving them the freedom to do the work they care the most about. Some of his successful story placements include USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Sports Illustrated, to name just a few. His work over the years has not only taken him throughout the United States, but to more than 15 different countries as well. He is a member of the Social Media Marketing Society and the American Marketing Association. You can find more information at https://www.linkedin.com/in/brucewawrzyniak/ and reach him directly at [masked]. You can learn more about Bruce and his work here: https://www.NowHearThis.net/

In this workshop:

He will talk about how he built a very popular, and frequently shared, podcast based upon the musicians and other creative professionals he most enjoys working with.

He will discuss the podcast community, the many events across the US that help podcasters find and support one another.

He will review where he finds guests and how he defines the topics he will address on each show. He will also talk about how he maximizes the chance people will listen to many shows, and why building a loyal following is important.

He will reveal how guests on podcasts, and in any live interview, best represent themselves, and how they can sabotage themselves during an interview with the wrong attitude and approach.

He will also discuss the role of an interviewer in a podcast, and what ensures they and their guests will benefit from every show they do.
He will also explain why podcasts are valuable for creatives, and how they increase revenue.

Along with this workshop you get these supporting resources that will help you quickly launch your podcast:

Video & Workbook: Podcast Quick Launch and Profitable Production
Video: Fair Use and the Right of Publicity featuring Attorney Justin Sterling (Video)

If you have questions about his workshop, please email [masked].

To attend this important workshop and get the supporting videos and how-to workbook, sign up at https://nancyfulton.gumroad.com/l/QfsQy/pxrxjdp

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RoadMapWriters: Mentoring & Notes from Leading Hollywood & Publishing Insiders

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