What we're about

This group is aimed at photographers at all levels who want to get out and shoot.

We'll go to different places around London armed with our cameras and a model and will get some photographs.

If you got a camera for Christmas and it's still in the box then this is the group for you. If you are someone who wants to start shooting models this is the group for you. If you have been shooting for ages but want to add to add your port folio this is the group for you. You get my drift.

Hope to see you all soon at a shoot

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Streets of Waterloo

Kings Arms


Heading into Waterloo on a May Sunday morning to get some shots with the Katie Ross (See Pictures Attached) We'll be shooting early in the day in order to avoid crowds (hopefully). There's some great spots around the area to get some nice old worldy style shots. The shoot will be relaxed, and you will have 1:1 time with the model in order to get the photographs you want. Katie is an actress, so give her an idea of what you want and she will be able to nail that look for you. I'll be around to help new photographers, but if you are an experienced photographer I am more than happy to just let you get on with it and do your own thing. Hope to see you there.

Battersea Park with Bouu

Battersea Park Train Station - Southern Railway


For this shoot the model will be Bouu (https://www.instagram.com/lailannah/) We'll be shooting around the stunning Battersea Park on what will hopefully be a bright sunny day. As with all my shoots you will get one on one time with the model, giving you an opportunity to get the shots you want. I'll be on hand to help with anything you need, or will just stand back and let you shoot. Bring with you your camera, and any toys, lighting modifiers etc you wish to use. Hope to see you there.

Holland Park with Jazz

Holland Park


For this shoot we will welcome Jasmine Sumner (https://www.instagram.com/jasmine.sumner/) Jasmine is an experienced model and actress who has appeared in a number of films and commercials. As with all our shoots, spaces are limited to allow each person one on one time with the model. Holland Park has a number of great spots in which to shoot, and some surrounding streets can allow for some interesting backdrops if they are quiet. These shoots are suited to all levels of photographer, so if you are new you will be welcomed, if you are experienced you will be welcomed. All you need to do is bring your camera and a lens. If you want to shoot with any toys by all means bring them (flashes, modifiers etc). I usually bring a diffuser and reflector for those rare occasions when the sun is glaring. If you have any questions post them in the comments below. I look forward to seeing some of you there.

Greenwich in the evening



For this shoot we welcome Alenka (https://www.instagram.com/miss_rusova/) This is a later shoot on a Sunday where we will use the multitude of backdrops available to us in a softer light. As always, we have a great model who can provide you with some amazing shots. You'll get one on one time with the model as we go to different locations around the area. Hopefully this will culminate with the dipping of the sun and some great light. All you need to do is bring your camera and any light modifiers you want to play with. I will have a flash and trigger that works with most cameras (Cactus system, unfortunately the trigger I have doesn't work with Sony cameras). This will be a nice relaxed shoot, and by June if past years are anything to go by the nights should be a little warmer. Hope to see you there

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Walk around Waterloo after work.

Waterloo Underground Station


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