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Have you always wanted to learn how to START making money in real estate, but there was always a road block, like the courses you wanted to take was too expensive, or you found a really great deal but didn't know where to get the money?

Or maybe you found what you thought was a great deal, and it turned out to be a dud because you didn't know how to analyze the deal and you got royally screwed?

Maybe you're just looking for a way to make an additional source of income and you have heard from all the experts on television that over 90% of millionaires made their money in real estate and you just want to get a little piece of the pie, but you don't know who to trust or where to turn.

Well I was just like you.I heard about all the people making money in real estate and yes I wanted my little piece of the pie, so I was one of those people that paid thousands of dollars to learn from the so called gurus, and all I got was a big fat nada...

However I didn't give up. I decided to go it on my own and I invested in the market when I thought I found a few great deals, unfortunately for me I bought at the wrong time and I lost my tail,I mean literally everything, down to the house me and my teenage son was living in at the time.

I was still determined to make it in real estate, and fortunately for me I met a gentleman who was very successful and he was looking for someone to run errands, like collect rents and such, and I volunteered, and over the years I worked with him, literally for minimum wage, but I learned what he did, and how he did it.

I learned how to get started in real estate with little or no money. I learned how to analyze deals so i don't lose my tail anymore. Most importantly I learned how to find good deals when most people are complaining that there aren't any good deals.

Those are just a few of the things you will learn from us when you join this group and attend our meetings. the trick is that you have to attend, you have to show up, because the knowledge is not coming to knock on your door, you have to simply come and get it from us.

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