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The Atlanta Area Traders Meetup Group welcomes all traders from beginners to advanced.

If you always wanted to know:

Is ten pips per trade are enough to be a successful trader?

What is the difference between Money Management and Pip Management System ?

Then join this group to get the answers and to learn more about Forex in our next meeting.

We will discuss:

1, What is Forex ?

2, Why Forex ?

3, Intro to Technical and Fundamental Analysis.

4, Why Mechanical Trading System ?

5, Why 10 Pips ?

6, Intro to our exclusive Pips Management Systems.

Bring your Lap top to the live meeting and we will provide you two of our complete mechanical trading systems for test run and back testing free of charge.

Sitting places are very limited and for serious traders only. Both beginners and advanced traders are welcomed.


Currency Pair is extremely risky. Chances are You may lose all your capital Investment in a very short time.Our results in the past DO NOT guarantee, assure or reflect on your results on trading in future. You must consult your Investment Adviser before applying any of our methods as we are not your licensed Investment Advisers. This presentation is purely for Educational Purpose only and not meant as an Investment Advice. You will be trading on your own risk.

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