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Hello Everyone,

Because of the COVID19 situation and the info from Meetup " For the health and safety of Meetup communities, we're advising that all events be hosted online in the coming weeks" I will keep the site going for now but no rides will be posted and also no rides discussed on the "Discussion". I do not want to be responsible for any one getting the virus as a result of this meetup group. This way you can ONLY POST PRIVATE MESSAGES to any one in the group and see if they want to ride. I do not want you to post ride info on the meetups "Discussion". I am very careful to social distance when I ride and I wear a mask (I lift it up when there are no other riders). I would love to go riding with anyone who feels the same way. Please private message me if are interested. Please feel free to contact other members on ONLY the private message. Please private message me if you have any questions or concerns. This is a crazy time but we can get through it!!! I miss everyone and be safe!!


Vicky E.

Before COVID:

Welcome to the 2019 summer women's biking group called "Women's Bear Creek Biking". In this meetup, members will post the rides. Any member that has the "Event Organizer " role can post a ride. If you would like to post a ride and you are not an "Event Organizer" please text me. If you post, you can choose your day, time, trail, pace, number of members that can attend, etc. So this meetup is as active as the members are in posting rides.

Happy Day!!! As of today, June 10th, 2019, I have waived the $5.00 yearly fee. So if you were "off" the group because your fees were not paid, guess what - you are back in the meetup!!

The rides in the group have usually been and will more than likely continue to be rides that have been 12 mph riders all the way up to 15 mph. Some are easy rides and some may be a little more challenging. The members who posts the rides will describe all the needed info that you need. If you need more info, please just private message them or you can add it under the meetup comments where the ride is posted!!

I also have another meetup site group called "Easy Riders" (Easy Biking for Women) in which I will be playing a bigger role in and in which I will be posting many rides along with the members. As I am getting older I prefer to ride easier rides!! This group is geared for women who like to ride from 12-14 mph and like to ride on relatively flat trails with hardly any big hills, not to long in distance (range from 14 - 22 total miles), and not to high on the elevation gain. We also have a Novice 10ish mph group within this site. This is for women who are just starting out or women who prefer to ride at that 10ish speed. Please check that out the "Easy Riders" meetup site to see if you might be interested in joining that meetup site also!!

I hope everyone has a great summer!!

Please contact me if you have any questions!!

Disclaimer: When signing up for Meetup.com, you agreed to the Meetup.com Terms of Service. Section 6.2 of the Terms of Service specifically releases Meetup and the Organizers from any liability related to incidents that may occur at Meetup gatherings. Please understand that the Organizers of Women's Bear Creek Biking - Get Back in Shape - Week Days are volunteers, whose sole role is to research and organize activities. We do not represent ourselves as trained guides or knowledgeable experts for any activity. While safety is always a consideration of the Organizers in selecting activities, there are inherent risks with any outdoor activity, including inclement weather (for example, a hail storm and a lightning strike) or a possible encounter with wildlife (bears, mountain lions, snakes, or coyotes, etc.) By participating in any "Women's Bear Creek Biking" - (Get Back in Shape -Week Days) activities, you acknowledge and accept these risks and any other risk unforeseen, and agree not to hold the Organizers liable for any accident or injury that may happen to you. Please understand that everyone is responsible for their own safety.


Vicky E.

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