What we're about

I’m a Holistic Health Coach living in San Jose, CA.

The meetups I organize are or will be a combination of Vision Board and Holistic Health workshops! I would love to hear from you if you have anything in particular you would like me to cover!

I'm super passionate about helping women hooked on high sugar impact foods finally break that habit so that they can take their power back over their cravings, heal their body&mind and reach their ideal weight.

These are some of the benefits of participating in my Total Body Transformation program:

Reduce cravings for sugary foodsLose weightGain energyBetter sleepImproved moodClearer skinMental clarity

In my program, clients:

- Learn how to build their meals to reduce sugar cravings.

- Discover how to eat healthy for your unique body type for optimal health.

- Discover which foods are high sugar impact, versus medium and low so they are empowered with curated information to make the right decision for themselves.

- Connect back to themselves so they can be PRESENT with themselves & others (as opposed to constantly scheming about when they’ll get to numb out next with a sweet treat). - Uncover all the BS limiting beliefs they have related to high sugar foods, so that they can remove anything that blocks them from reaching their health goal. - Get their power back (as opposed to giving it away to sugar) so they can start focusing on what they are really passionate about.

- Become present with the people they love (as opposed to giving them the tuned out/checked out version of themselves).

- Wake up feeling happy, full of energy and ready to start their day (as opposed to waking up feeling sluggish, exhausted & just focusing on 'getting through the day').

- Get their sleep back so that they can look and feel better than ever (no more puffy face, blotchy, red & dry skin).- Get out of depression & anxiety (no more waking up wondering, why on earth did I have that entire chocolate bar).

- Get their Mental Clarity back so they can start dealing with their life as a grown-up (as opposed to being stuck in victimhood and a feeling that "life is just happening to me").

- Lose weight by focusing on the healthy delicious foods they get to eat as opposed to a deprivation diet focused approach.

If this resonates with you, let's connect! Reserve your spot for a complimentary Breakthrough session here: http://bit.ly/2nW4udJ

You can also join my FB group, Free Yourself of the Sugar Trap: http://bit.ly/2j4MBXv

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