What we're about

Frequently we offer classes where your learn practical wisdom and tools that helps you to deepen your consciousness for yourself and shift to a fulfilled life. You will learn:

• to think new ways,

• get to know yourself better,

• understand and transform your feelings,

• change behavior,

• fall in love with yourself!

The workshops are self-awareness trainings.



Eva Kornet, founder of Wild Woman, The Art of Consciousness is an intuitive Healer, Self-Awareness Trainer and KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She believes that every single person has a unique path of personal growth. Eva helps strong women heal unprocessed life events, understand themselves and awaken their true nature.

Eva combines her experience gained from her own journey of growth with a profound life coaching education. Wild Woman is devoted to creating new ways of personal and spiritual growth that helps people live up to their highest potential and love themselves deeply. While Eva traveled the world, she touched base with shamanism that she incorporates in her work as well. Eva channels the love of the universe in her healing work.

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