What we're about

This is a non-intimidating, fun and informative MeetUp for anyone in the Denver Metro Area that has an interest in learning about and investing in real estate.

There won't be any pitches, techniques, systems, speeches or anything of that nature...

That's not what this is.. This is a practical gathering for people wanting to have conversation, drinks, and discuss thinks such as: buying your first home, buying your first rental property, starting an AirBnB, buying a duplex and renting 1/2 out, what it takes to do a flip, how to analyze a property...etc...etc. Good people looking to have good conversation, learn something, make valuable connections and start building wealth for real. First meetup will be late January or early February 2019...More details to come soon. Hope to see you there!

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Getting Started in Real Estate Investing: Building Your A Team

Whether you're just thinking of investing or have a couple of properties under your belt, this Getting Started in Real Estate Investing gathering is for YOU! We'll start with a quick discussion about the power of surrounding yourself with a team of reliable, character driven people to lean on as you venture into Real Estate such as, a good lender, a wholesaler, HVAC, foundation inspection, a good handy man, an awesome property manager, reliable contractor, solid electrician, good sewer inspector, real estate tax pro etc.. We'll do a bit of a round table too where you can share a good connection you have with the group.. I'll compile all the recommendations into a master list to share with everyone via email.... Then networking! See you there!

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