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Our Group for Women in Transition

Do you cringe when you hear the word "divorce"? Does it sound like failure or worse yet a huge fight? Would you like to exit your marriage with dignity and compassion? Then we invite you to join us in Getting Unmarried™, and help us change the landscape of divorce.

Our purpose is to create community, provide a place of support, and present an opportunity to learn from others in a nurturing environment. Together we will discover how to minimize the fighting and upheaval, and maximize the well-being and the considered actions.

This is a group for anyone who wants to divorce differently -- whether you are thinking about ending your marriage, in the process of, or transitioning to life after the split. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment that pulls us all forward, and changes the concept of divorce for the better.

We will meet twice a month to address the group's concerns, explore options, share knowledge in the form of a short talk, reflect, and leave with some positive action steps, and inspirational wisdom.

Join this group so you can meet other people going through divorce in a thoughtful and conscious manner. You will find that you are not alone, and you will be inspired to move through this process with hope and dignity.

Our Organizer

Kira Gould: Kira is a Certified Divorce Coach® who specializes in working with women who would like to divorce with clarity and compassion, and redefine a new happily ever after.

She is the founder of Getting Unmarried™ (http://www.getting-unmarried.com/), a different way to divorce. Kira works with clients both in person, and on the telephone, so you can live anywhere in the world and still get coaching. She also hosts in person support groups, and online webinars.

Kira is co-author of the best selling "Divorce: Taking the High Road (https://www.amazon.com/Divorce-Taking-Strategies-Creating-Healthy/dp/0692791493/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490227769&sr=8-1&keywords=divorce+taking+the+high+road)" and the upcoming book "Getting Unmarried™: Redesigning Happily Ever After." Kira is certified by the CDC Board of Standards® and is a graduate of the CDC College for Divorce Coaching®. Check out Kira's weekly updates on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/getting.unmarried).

Begin redefining your happily ever after today! Don't spend one more day alone in pain and suffering...you can and will move forward with Getting Unmarried™ (http://www.getting-unmarried.com/). For more information on Divorce Coaching visit http://www.getting-unmarried.com , and sign up for a free 30-minute conversation with by emailing Kira@getting-unmarried.com or calling 310-963-9563.

Our Location

We meet in the Library or the Renaissance Room on the ground floor of the First Presbyterian Church in Santa Monica at 1220 2nd Street. Both rooms are open and airy, and easily hold 20 people or more. There is ample public parking directly across the street in the parking structure. We try to meet approximately every two weeks, mostly on Thursdays (to avoid the Farmer's Market traffic!).

*We are a not affiliated with the church, and welcome all or no religions. :)

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Keeping Your House!

Pacific Union International

Keeping the house may be what your heart desires, but it is it good for your bottom line? Can you buy your spouse out of the house? Can you refinance in your own name? How would you qualify? What are the pros of staying in your house? Stability for the kids, continuity of routine, familiarity, ease of transition, keeping an asset in tact, etc. What are the cons? It's too expensive: the mortgage, maintenance, taxes and insurance are all overwhelming for one person. A common issue most people face in divorce is considering too few options. In this session we will determine the ballpark total costs of owning, as well as explore all of the pros, cons and options when it comes to your home and divorce. This Meetup is for you if: * You want to make clear, well-thought out decisions that are in your and your children's best interests. * You are thinking about, or are in the process of, divorce and own a home. * You are wondering if you can afford to maintain your family home on your own. In this Meetup you will learn: * What the best decision is for you based on your current circumstances. * Who to turn to for support and expertise in this field. * What the true costs are of keeping your home, and what your other options may be to consider. Join us for coffee, cookies and socializing from 6:15 to 6:30pm, The presentation will start promptly at 6:30pm. Each month we will feature a new expert who will help you with some practical, legal, or business aspect of divorce. Experts who regularly appear at our groups include, but are not limited to: family law attorneys, forensic accountants, certified divorce financial analysts, mortgage brokers, therapist, child development specialists, and private investigators. In this session we will have an amazing mortgage expert, as well as us! Carrie and Kira, the hosts, are both real estate agents who specialize in divorce, and Kira is also a certified divorce coach -- so you will always have experts in these areas at each event. :) We provide a casual, supportive, and informative atmosphere, with like-minded individuals, so that you can ask your most pressing questions. Divorce is full of unknowns, and we want to be there to provide you with some helpful answers, and friendly guidance. Come on your own, or bring a friend! Read some of our reviews to hear what our members are saying. We're here for you!

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