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We will explore the work of Edgar Cayce, and put the concepts into action in our daily life. Through cooperation with God (or any name you give your Divine) and cooperation with other people your life will change. You may choose to use affirmations and meditation and if you do, for at least a month, you will find you touch those you come in contact every day to be affected. You become a channel of blessing. We do know that in lifting up our own self, we lift of humanity and the planet- we also lift up the Universe- it expands, too.. No matter what our talents, abilities, knowledge , power or how much money we have, God has made all of that disposable to us.

The principal "To love and to serve one's fellow man in a practical everyday way." As you give, you shall receive. The natural result is alignment with Universal Laws.

Each meeting will have an agenda:

Contributions, Announcements, Business, Collections

Discipline/Experience Sharing

Dream Discussions (should this group be interested in keeping journals and analyzing dreams)

Divine Reading is Optional- Should someone wish to share a reading from the Bible (we can consider A Course in Miracles)

Discussion of A Search for God Material. Everyone has something important to share and to say and an understanding unique to them. Contributions of how one has applied the material and their experiences is a focus of the group.

Choosing the next Discipline and Experience will be agreed on by the group.

Mediation and Prayer for Healing

Moment of Silence

Exercises and Chants (optional, these are found in Edgar Cayce's Mediation for everyone)

Prayer of Protections

The Lord's Prayer

Silence (to be able to listen)

Prayer for Healing

23rd Psalm.

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Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation

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Edgar Cayce Group Meeting

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