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Leisurely pinning inspiring drawings or watercolours for hours on end into various this-I-will-do-sometime folders, dreaming of the day you will once have just for sketches? So why do you feel frustrated after all? 'Cause a gym membership will not make you fit, that's why. All input and no output makes anyone frustrated.

START DRAWING! Anything and everything! Instead of feeding the frustrated wolf in there and building a solid minority complex from all that awesomeness out there, grab the inspiration and run, run to the nearest paper and pencil!!! Sketch away! The more you draw, the better you get at it. Simple, really, and we all know the simple truth of it. Practicing it is another thing though, just think back on the new year wishes and intended diets... This is where Ghentangling comes in focus. We meet regularly, social support has incredible power, and if you are here you already know that. I know the first meetup is awkward, get through it and get here! Our sparkling amazingness will just make you sign up for all meetings after that :P Tangling gives breathtaking results without the need for old-school mastery.

This week and the next we are drawing feathers and when the Easter spirit hits the fans we move on to drawing eggs. Do not get your ovaries in a twist, it is simple and F-U-N, doodling and colouring really.

Once the weather gets solidly warmer, the plan is to go to botanical gardens and maybe insect collections as well. The Gent Univ Botanical Garden (aka Plantentuin) is free of charge and offers a wide range of subjects in a splendid setting. I always wanted to see all the botanical gardens in Belgium, so here we go... Any wishes/suggestions as to themes and/or timing is welcome! In person :D

This is not a meet-up for children but for adults. The point is to shift your focus from its usual points, so please do not bring your children.

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