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Being a psychic medium, I have revamped this group for those interested in working with their abilities as well as evolving this group for all levels of investigators who would like to learn more about different aspects of investigating, delving into unique techniques and learning about the Spirit World. I am hoping to create an educational, spiritual and supportive environment for all.

I have found that forming a group which focuses on trance mediumship during an investigation, more questions can be asked and answered, unique EVP's can be captured, memorable interactions can occur, and the spirits can be given a respectful amount of time to speak their meaningful and sometimes incredibly impactful messages.

This group is not for, as the spirits call them, the "show me and prove yourselves to me" investigators. Members should have an open and inquisitive mind, a positive attitude and an open heart. This group is for those who know spirits DO exist and want to learn how to evolve the communication with them more efficiently and effectively while upholding a great respect for all those involved (both for the living and those in the Spirit World).

In addition, it's also about learning from each other, trusting, validating, respecting and honoring other people's experiences, abilities and knowledge. We are here to learn about ourselves, but also to honor, respect and often times help the spirits with their own evolvement. We must be open to what they ultimately will teach us about ourselves and about their world. We truly are students of the Spirit World.

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