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See a different side of Japan. Get off the beaten track. This experience is in Hadano, about ONE HOUR SOUTH OF TOKYO, where you will visit an ancient burial ground, temple cemeteries and a haunted forest while hearing the traditional ghost stories and legends associated with them. Ghost stories reveal Japan's rich culture and traditions in a fun and interesting way.

With a backdrop of mountains and forests (and Fuji sometimes) we'll walk the town of Hadano and enter an ancient tomb to learn why one ghost haunts that area. Water spirits, shapeshifters, ghosts and humans with evil intent create the tapestry of stories that connect with the town's shrines, temples, creeks and haunted areas.

The experience has to happen at the witching hour, so part of our walk will be at night, rain or shine. The sites are a little spread out, so we will take a short taxi ride, a short bus ride, and walk for about two hours. The taxi and bus are included in the cost of the experience.

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