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What we’re about

Welcome to Ghostskate NYC!
We are a MeetUp Community that aims to make skateboarding accessible to everyone.

Established in 2011, we have grown to be the largest skateboarding group across, organizing skates in New York, Chicago & New Jersey. We welcome everyone to fall in love with our sport and community for free. 

The events that we host include flatland skates, beginner lessons, distance rides, social events and competitions. Even if you don't have a board yet you're welcome to join our events and get to know the skateboarding community. Ghostskate is committed to making skateboarding accessible to all by providing safe spaces and community values for all of our members.

Support Ghostskate!
Ghostskate is a community organization by skaters, for skaters. That means we are a group founded on passion, not on profit. We want to continue providing free skate events for skaters around the country, but we NEED YOUR HELP to do it!. It costs $200 in meetup fees and hundreds of hours a year to organize and host events, please consider donating to the group:

Skating Season: The NJ & NYC Ghostskate Season runs from May till the end of November.

Community Values to Observe:
Please observe the below Ghostskate Community Values when joining any Ghostskate event. If multiple complaints are received about a member, they may be asked to leave the group:

- Our gathering spaces are safe spaces. We won't condone any behavior that intentionally makes another feel unsafe or unwelcome. Lewd behavior will not be tolerated.
- Please make friends! We encourage everyone to get to know each other, but this comes with mutual respect. If someone asks to be left alone, or for a behavior to stop, please take it seriously and heed the request.
- If you have a question or an idea speak up! We are always happy to help or try a new good idea.
- Always wear your helmet when skating & your face mask when around others outside of your household!