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Slide jam in the 631
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so I was hanging out with my buddy at his new local skate shop trying to figure out a way to promote longboarding in this area [suffolk county, nassau county nyc] and we had the idea to make a contest. we realize that few roads in this area are suitable for a race so we thought we could have a slide jam. Now im just trying to get an idea on how many people we could get out here [stony brook] to enter this slide jam, because if we take the time and invest the money without a good turn out then there wouldnt be much of a point. however if we are able to blow this even up and get around 100 or so people then this event would be a success. there would be prizes involved and plenty of stoke to spread. we have a few gnarly hills in mind and we would need a permit or something to close the road [which im sure would cost money]. There may be an entry fee but Im just trying to get a rough idea of how many people are down for this.

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