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Welcome to the Gifted Children of the Foothills!

We are a group of families living along the Foothills of the Greater Los Angeles area.

Our primary goal is to help gifted children find true peers and long-lasting friendships. Because gifted children tend to develop faster or differently than their schoolmates and neighbors, it really is difficult for them to find friends and playmates.

We noticed that there are few activities or meetups in or around the Foothills, thus we formed our group. Anyone with highly to profoundly gifted children or twice exceptional children are welcome to join.

What we hope to do is to share resources for raising gifted children, host activities for our children, take field trips, and schedule simple play time and social activities for children to develop friends and interests on their own.


Families with gifted children within reasonable driving distances of the Foothills are welcome to join. This list is not inclusive (you may be from a different city or area nearby), but here are some cities or areas where our families might live: Pasadena, Sunland, La Crescenta, Altadena, Tujunga, Sylmar, Arcadia, Monrovia, and La Canada. Didn’t see your city on the list? No problem, contact us and let’s see if you are a fit.

Disclaimer of Liability:

By participating in the events of Gifted Children of the Foothills, you hereby assume all risk and impose no liability to Gifted Children of the Foothills or any of its organizers, members and their guests. Please remember, we are a volunteer led organization.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to getting to know you and your families!

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Two Strike Park

Meet up at two strike park in la crescenta

Two Strike Park

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