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Gila Libertarian Meet-up is for any registered voter who questions the Right/Left-only paradigm and yearns for our Creator-endowed rights to be secured by our U S Constitution as intended. Gila County Oathkeepers, Constitutionalists, Tea Party, R3volution folks and others may find the Libertarian Party in keeping with their way of thinking. LBers may not agree on every little thing. But they surely don't hold to the either/or polarizing politics as they stand.

We are a recognized party and it's time to grow! It's time to safeguard our rights! Check out the State Libertarian Party web page for the full Libertarian platform. If you agree, or are open to discussion, join us and we will all spread the word throughout Gila county. Our first goal is to have regular meetings so that we can organize and become recognized as the Gila County Libertarian entity by the Arizona State Libertarian party.

Our second goal is to have representation in the state Libertarian party and help promote it's national influence - all the while growing Libertarian understanding by spreading literature, promoting information by web and having cogent discussions with those we know and meet.

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