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Intro to JavaScript
JavaScript is the world's most popular programming language for a reason -- it's the primary way to build interaction on the web. Learning JavaScript is a logical next step once you've learned HTML/CSS. Many programming courses end up glossing over some of the tricky words -- 'variable', 'object', 'method' -- this course is especially designed for beginners new to programming concepts, so you'll learn to program with JavaScript. If those words are confusing to you now, no worries! You're exactly who we want to teach. In this class, we will be covering: basic development concepts, logic, writing our own JavaScript functions, browser events, interacting with the DOM, and getting and displaying user input with forms. Students will exit this class with a good grasp of basic programming principles and the knowledge of how to manipulate HTML elements. Please note that this class has four parts, but since Meetup does not support multi-day events the other days do not appear on our calendar. The class dates and times are: • Part I: 8/13 6:00 - 8:00 PM (Monday) • Part II: 8/15 6:00 - 8:00 PM (Wednesday) • Part III: 8/20 6:00 - 8:00 PM (Monday) • Part IV: 8/22 6:00 - 8:00 PM (Wednesday) Parking Information: There is free parking available at Liazon in the Market Lot shown in picture below (You will see a sign that says for Liazon Corporation Only). There will be signs leading you to the elevator area where you will need to press a button for someone to let you up to our office. You will be required to sign in. We have scholarships available for our students who are not able to cover full cost of classes. Please fill out our scholarship application here ( Prerequisites: You should have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS as a prerequisite for this course. This course is specifically for JavaScript beginners and we highly advise experienced programmers to not take this class. You can brush up on your skills here: HTML/CSS: Khan Academy's HTML/CSS course (, Codecademy's HTML/CSS course (, GDI Buffalo HTML/CSS slides ( JS: Codecademy's JS course (, Khan Academy's Intro to JS course (, GDI Buffalo JS slides ( DOM API: Khan Academy's "Making Webpages Interactive" course ( Tech requirements: • Your laptop (Mac, PC, or Linux are all okay) and charger. • A modern web browser - either Chrome or Firefox. • A text editor. We recommend Sublime Text 2 (free; available for both Mac and PC) or Notepad++ (PC). About the teacher: Jessica Tornabene discovered her love of programming while studying Electrical Engineering at the University at Buffalo, solving programming puzzles was just more fun than Christmas Tree circuits. Her first career opportunity out of college provided her with a wealth of experience, the majority of which focused on relational databases and SQL. As part of Girl Develop It, she is so excited to share her experience and get more women involved in technology. Outside of work and programming, Jessica loves Zumba, running, crafts, and anything outdoors. "House keeping" Students are required to bring their own laptop for classes. If you do not have a laptop, please contact us at [masked] before registering, and we’ll see if we can work something out. Please be advised that we do have a no-refund policy, therefore, all sales are final. We do, however, have several scholarships available for our students who are not able to cover full cost of classes. If you are interested in a scholarship, please fill out our scholarship application here ( You may also be interested in speaking to your employer to see if they are willing to reimburse you for the class. To discuss and for assistance with this, please reach out to the leadership team at [masked] . Please be advised that photographs may be taken at the event for internal use - e.g. internal GDI presentations. By attending this event, you consent that your photograph may be taken. If you have accessibility requirements/requests for accommodations, please provide us with at least 2 weeks notice so we have adequate time to meet your needs. Please send requests for accommodations to our leadership team at [masked] . If you would like a printed course completion certificate, please email the leadership team at [masked] to let us know. In order to receive a printed course completion certificate you must attend at least 70% of the classes (in this case, three of the four classes). You will be able to pick up your requested certificate at the end of the second class. If you are interested in using our GDI Buffalo Slack channel to keep in touch with your fellow classmates, other GDI Buffalo members, teachers, and TAs please email the GDI Buffalo leadership team at [masked] . All attendees are expected to abide by the Girl Develop It Code of Conduct (

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