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Want to learn more about “User Experience” Design?

Take our 2 hour “Introduction to UX” with Noel Saw. We’ll cover a lot of the basics of what “UX” is and what it’s not. UX is a popular buzzword these days in the tech and startup world, but what does it really mean? And how does “UX” work?

Noel will review what “UX” means to many people and what the UX “process” entails from both a best practices “on paper” and real world perspective.

In this class, we’ll get an overview of the major disciplines & skillsets within “UX” including: User Research, Information Architecture, Wireframing/Interaction Design, Content Strategy, Usability Testing, and Visual Design.

During the class there will be at least one group exercise to help understand the basics of card sorting and optimizing content for usability.

Noel will provide an outline of the UX process using the same process used in projects. In other words, Noel will attempt to demonstrate the UX process “through the lens” of UX methodologies.


A basic understanding of web and/or print design or software development is highly recommended.

Instructor: Noel Saw
Teaching Assistants: TBA

What to bring

We recommend bringing your laptop, iPad, or at the very least a notebook to take notes. If you bring an iPad or laptop (optional), you’ll be able to try out remote card sorting and also lookup reference sites quickly.


We're here to help! If you have additional questions or would like to talk further before signing up for a class, please contact us at losangeles [at] girldevelopit dot com.


If we have less than 8 people signed up for this class, it might be cancelled or postponed.

No Refunds

If you can no longer attend the class you signed up and paid for, your payment will be donated to the local chapter scholarship fund. You can help another woman in need!


This workshop is sponsored and hosted by Blankspaces.

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About Noel Saw

Noel has been designing and developing software for most of his adult life. With almost 22 years of experience, he brings experience, enthusiasm, and wide knowledge about building software, websites, and mobile applications. He’s worked with brands such as Nissan, Red Bull, Ikea, Vons/Safeway, Microsoft, ESPN, and Murad on various projects and campaigns.

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