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Intro to Web Concepts Workshop
BASIC INFO: This two-hour workshop covers the fundamentals of web development in layman terms. This is a no-code workshop. It covers basic concepts like the difference between a client and a server, the difference between backend and front end code, the tools needed to develop a website, and the typical web development team. WHO IT'S FOR: This class is for people with little to no technical experience. So - you're interested in learning to code, but have no idea where to start? Or, perhaps you're a Project Manager, or your company needs to hire someone to build a website, and you want to understand the lingo... this class is perfect for you!

Warp Zone Louisville

612 W Washington St · Louisville, KY


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    Women Developers and Programmers!
    Want to learn how to code? Have a great idea? Don't be shy. Develop it.
    It can be intimidating for women to learn and ask questions when they are in an extreme minority. While open and welcoming, today's budding developer community is up to 91% male. There isn't a comfortable place where women can learn at their own pace and not be afraid to ask "stupid questions."
    We decided it was time to provide a place where all questions are OK and everyone can learn in a supportive environment. Our courses focus on coding, leveraging existing technology, and having something to show for it (aka building sweet websites).
    Stay tuned to this meetup for upcoming scheduled classes.

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