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HTML/CSS 202: Flexbox Layouts

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Do you hear everyone talking about Flexbox but have yet to dive in yourself? Have you briefly experimented but find yourself surprised by the results?

Flexbox, or Flexible Box Model, is a set of CSS3 properties for creating a flexible layout. By allowing a set of elements to behave predictably when accommodating various screen sizes and devices, Flexbox solves many of the layout issues developers have been struggling with for years! The days of hacks like floats and positioning are numbered as Flexbox allows us to achieve layouts simply and with cleaner code. With support in all modern browsers / IE10+ and just a few tools and strategies for older browsers, it is possible to start using Flexbox today.

We will cover:

• Flexbox syntax and how it requires us to think about layout in new ways
• Flexbox properties and how they work
• How Flexbox distributes space and and behaves for flexibility in layouts
• How to decide if it makes sense to use Flexbox in your current project

Tech requirements:

• A laptop (Note: a netbook or tablet is NOT a substitute!) Google Chrome (or Firefox is ok)

• Sublime Text 3 ( (It's free and available for both Mac and PC)

To get the most out of this class, you should have a working knowledge of basic HTML and CSS. You may have taken Intro to HTML through Girl Develop It, or maybe you have built a site for fun.

To help you gauge whether or not this class is a good fit given your current skill set, you must take this mandatory quiz ( You will be asked to enter your confirmation score when you register via Meetup.

About the teacher:

Lisa Burgess, front end developer at Think Brownstone, is an active GDI student and volunteer who successfully transitioned into tech from a marketing career in the non-profit sector. Lisa is actively implementing Flexbox layouts in her current project and it makes her so giddy she wants to share it with you. Additionally, Lisa is passionate about helping other GDI members make the career transition of their dreams just as she did. When she’s not coding, Lisa enjoys social dancing, outdoor activities and learning about science history and quantum physics.

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