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Join us for an evening of speed mentoring with diverse set of techies and benefit from their expertise. You will connect with experts in the technology field to quickly pick up a new skill, find a solution to a nagging problem, or ask for advice on just about anything.


Keri Betters is Senior Community Coordinator at The Archer Group, a digital marketing agency in Wilmington, Delaware. She graduated from the University of Delaware in 2015 with a major in interpersonal communication and concentrations in advertising, public relations, and interactive media. At Archer, she is a member of the Social Media team to create digital marketing strategies, develop content, execute social needs, and manage the social platforms for various clients. You can follow Keri on Twitter: @KeriBetters.

Mary Childress is a Senior Telecom System Engineer at Barclaycard US. Her first foray into the world of programming was while serving in the US Army. After an honorable discharge, she expanded her programming knowledge and has spent the next 19 years her career in the Banking and Mortgage Industry supporting a wide range of call center technologies.

Meredith Greer strives to be an agent of positive changes that sees timeline and budget constraints as pieces of a puzzle that, when solved, reveal meaningful and actionable solutions for complex digital marketing needs. As a Project Manager (http://www.linkedin.com/in/mhgreer), she takes pride in supporting individuals’ strengths across diverse projects and flexes in-depth knowledge of systems like Workamajig, Basecamp, InVision, JIRA and Confluence to optimize project execution. Meredith spent four years at the University of Delaware fostering the tech community as the Computer Animation & Game Design RSO Event Manager, running workshops, hackathons, developer lectures, showcases, video game tournaments and 8-bit orchestra concerts, and is looking forward to rekindling this passion through GDI Wilmington.

Jocelyn Harper is a software developer by way of Southern Delaware. She realized her love for programming after Kelsey Murphy, a Zip Code Wilmington graduate, urged her to look into the program. It was there that spurred her interest and passion for cloud based services and strengthening her full stack skillset. When Jocelyn is not programming, she is looking into bringing better resources into Wilmington to make STEM programs more accessible to women and more specifically women of color. You can also find her playing League of Legends, and watching anime - most notably - Sailor Moon when time allows.

Carly Karas is a User Experience Strategist at The Archer Group. She has been in the Wilmington area for 3 years after graduating with degrees in graphic design, cognitive science, and a master’s in Human-Computer Interaction from SUNY Oswego. By day she solves problems for people, helping shape digital experiences for easier use by creating interface architectures and doing user research. She has been coding websites in her free time, thinking and writing about games, and learning how to code creatively.

Katy Mancini is Senior Copywriter at The Archer Group in Wilmington, DE. In this role, Katy is responsible for creating content for our clients’ digital channels — from websites and mobile apps to banner ads and social media communications. She’s looking forward to the year ahead and her newest role as mentor to Archer’s junior copywriter. Katy loves a good brainstorm session, is quick with a pun, and jumps at the chance to break out her red pen and get back to her roots as a copy editor.

Aiyani Martin an artist and former nonprofit employee turned coder. During the 12 weeks of coding bootcamp at Zip Code Wilmington, she went from part-time painter to full-time software developer for Bank of America. Her passion is learning and her joy is curiosity. Software development is a dream come true for her.

Erin Mulrooney is the Digital Media Supervisor at Aloysius Butler & Clark. Erin’s expertise in digital media for national and local nonprofits and corporations, public health programs and higher education spans more than 10 years. She delivers top results by leveraging SEO, analytics and search and display marketing tools to build awareness and action across the most innovative and widely used online platforms. Erin joined the AB&C team from Temple University, where she was the Associate Director of Digital Marketing. Erin has an MA in women’s studies and sociology and a bachelor of arts degree in political science and history from SUNY Albany.

Maria Nazarchyk is a Senior Project Manager at The Archer Group, where she has been since 2012. As a Senior PM, Maria is responsible making sure her team is set up to successfully complete their projects on time, on budget, and up to a high standard. Her daily activities include, but are not limited to: working with client liaisons to fully understand client needs and requirements, disseminating information throughout the agency, facilitating communication between departments, controlling scope, and tracking the financial health of a project. She loves the teamwork and collaboration that comes with being a PM, and being able to work with (and learn from) all departments in the agency. Maria graduated from Villanova University in 2007. In her spare time, she loves a good meal, Netflix binges, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Eric Van Der Poel is the BarclaycardUS Team Lead: Unix IaaS Engineering. With about 20 years in the IT industry from start-ups to financial services, Eric has had a wide range of experiences. Some of his success in the field is due to being at the right place at the right time but luck can only get you so far. The rest would be from seizing the right opportunities and a strong conviction that eventually, hard work does pay off. Another contributing factor for Eric's success was his horrible bosses and good mentors in the beginning of his career. He went for experience over formal schooling which in hindsight has its own pros and cons. As founder of the Delaware DevOps meetup he believes being a valuable technologist, it's not knowing the latest technology, it's also about having a growth mindset that matters.

We have to thank our event sponsor for making this event possible. This event is sponsored by the Microsoft Store located at the Christiana Mall.