Past Meetup

Learn Clojure at Zendesk

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Join us at the Zendesk office and get your Clojure on! We have two talks lined up:

• Clojure 101 by Logan Campbell for beginners who have not worked with Clojure and are curious to learn what it's all about, and

• ClojureScript vs React/Redux by Pei Shi Yong for beginner to intermediates who'd like a bit more insight into ClojureScript.


6PM: Registration
6:10PM - 6:45PM: Dinner and Drinks
6:45PM - 7:30PM: Talk 1: Clojure 101 by Logan Campbell
7:30PM - 8:15PM: Talk 2: ClojureScript vs React/Redux by Pei Shi Yong
8:15PM - 9PM: Drinks and Networking

Speaker Bios:

Speaker 1: Logan Campbell

Logan Campbell is a Senior Software Engineer at Zendesk. He enjoys learning new programming languages, writing small games, and cooking food at very specific temperatures.

Topic: Clojure 101

Logan will give you a taste of the Clojure programming language. First by introducing the syntax and then showing examples of how common programming tasks will look in Clojure. You'll come away knowing what Clojure is and is not appropriate for, and hopefully feeling inspired to learn more. The talk will assume some familiarity with programming but should be accessible for beginners.

Speaker 2: Pei Shi Yong

Pei Shi Yong is a full stack developer, lover of stuffed animals and a hobby seamstress. She hacks on Ruby, JS, Clojure etc. She’s an ex- ThoughtWorker and now works for Zendesk munging data to support her fabric addiction.

Topics: ClojureScript vs React/Redux

After 2 months building a React/Redux UI in Javascript for a client Pei Shi realised there must be a better way. With boilerplate galore and even the simplest changes requiring edits across many files the bar was set. ClojureScript looked like an interesting alternative. She re-implemented the project, and will share with you the ups and downs and whether it’s worth the switch. Come for concrete examples of real world tradeoffs between the king of Vanilla JS and the largest functional compiles-to-js language.

Come for an evening of learning, networking, meeting lots of interesting people and fun.

Male members are always welcome in our events too.