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This group is mainly focused on bisexual femme ladies, because we have all sorts of unique issues when it comes to being accepted into the LBGTQ community and dating! We do exist, it's not a phase and we aren't confused (any more than you are)!! Bi-friendly female identified women of all orientations are welcome! I am not here to define what femme or feminine means, if you feel like you would enjoy the group then you are welcome, I don't care how you dress or how long your hair is, I'm just interested in bringing quality women together. No one fits into these labels one hundred percent so please don't hesitate to join if this looks like a group that you would enjoy being a part of. I would love to have some like minded ladies to talk, support, rant, rave, meetup and have some fun. I do realize there are so many labels out there and not everyone wants to be defined by those so pansexual, omnisexual, asexual, transgender...whatever you are just please self identify as female, love women, and be positive and non-judgmental towards all orientations! We are a very diverse group of women..single, married, poly, trans, moms, hippies, professionals, young to mature, etc. etc...This group is not focused on singles and dating, but if romance happens that is great!! Just respect those that are not interested in dating..First and foremost I hope to create some wonderful friendships!

This group is Private, only members of this group have access to event and member info. I require member dues to help cut out the Inactive Members and Lurkers and to make this a safe place; to have funds to cover expenses on an event; and also to provide compensation for those that spend money to organize and make meetups happen. **It is free to sign up, no credit card required. After a 90 day free trial, if you decide to stay in the group a $10 annual fee is due, if it isn't paid will automatically restrict your access from the group. You can easily rejoin by paying the dues or leave the group if it's not your thang!**

All Girl Talk events are FEMALE (identified) ONLY unless specifically stated otherwise in the event details. Please do not bring a male partner or friend unless the event is marked *MSO Friendly* in the title. This applies to kid friendly events too, they are not automatically MSO friendly. This does not mean we don't like men, or discourage the dating/marrying of men...we don't feel that way at all. There are many groups for couples, this one is for the LADIES!!!

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