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GirlSide Chats: Hormones
We invite you to an unfiltered conversation that surfaces a major aspect of being a woman: HORMONES. Those pesky little buggers can wreak havoc, leaving us feeling confused, tired and sometimes feeling a little nutty. We'll explore what they're for, why they change, why we feel "crazy" and what we can do about it. This Girlside Chat provides a safe and gentle environment for women of all ages to ask questions, share wisdom, experiences and humour around this topic. We will have an expert on hand to help us navigate this topic. Please come with an open mind. ready to connect with other women and walk away feeling empowered. If you have a specific questions, please email me at SpeakUp@GirlSideChats. Look forward to Chatting Soon!! xoxo Vanessa

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What we're about

At GirlSide Chats, we believe in breaking down the preconceived boundaries, limitations and expectations placed on today’s women. Regardless of political views, race, religion, socioeconomic factors - we all face common themes in our lives that can hold women back from freely being able to be her truest self and in realizing her full potential.

GirlSide Chats seeks to unite women by discovering, defining, and breaking down these barriers through lively, interactive and inclusive discussions. No topic is off-the-table, we are not afraid to be controversial, all view points are welcomed in this safe space.

Join us in our mission to elevate ALL women - to be heard, to think deeply and to question the limitations placed upon us and those that we place on ourselves.

Our goal is to empower each woman to bravely and actively carve out a future that is in-line with her truest self - to be free of expectations, seize her wildest dreams, and ultimately, to live her most enriched and fullest life.

To participate, you only need to meet these 2 criteria:

1. You also want to contribute to bettering how future generations of women are portrayed, perceived, and recognized in society

2. You believe that women should support each other and hold each other in high esteem - you look forward to sharing your views and/or better understanding others’ points of view.

We are a collective of different minds, experiences and opinions - Will you join us on the GirlSide?

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