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If you want to have fun and meet new girlfriends in Prescott and the surrounding areas, then this is the group for you. Age 20s - 60s requirement for this group because it seems we all love to meet female friends from 20s - 60s. We will come together for happy hours, art, music, coffee houses, theater and more events. Your input is great too:). Having fun together and making new friends in town, is our goal. Positive attitudes with like minded females.

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Let’s caravan and plan a trip in small groups while we follow-caravan together

I know people are getting cabin fever. Let’s plan various trips somewhere in small groups while we caravan together in our cars or vans and follow along in small groups. Let's take suggestions in the comments for destinations like Colorado, Washington or even the east coast. The date is to be determined.

Let's Do Hula Hooping at the Square for Fun and Fitness(While Social Distancing)

We will be hula hooping at the courthouse square for fun and great exercise. We will be meeting at the gazebo to find a nice grassy spot at the Courthouse square. I am selling really soft cushiony lightweight hula hoops that you would need to purchase before our meetup event if you do not have a hula hoop. You can purchase a hula hoop for our meetup event and to practice at home, by clicking on the link below. I will not be bringing hula hoops with me to the square. I may be making hula hoops to sell in the future but not for this event. This will be a great way to learn a bit about hooping and how fun it is for everyone. Text me with any questions at:[masked].
Click below. I also sell weighted wrist bands, ankle bands, vests and more.
To order the hula hoop, click below and then click on the Take 2 Weighted Hula Hoop.


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