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We've all been there - moved to a new city, left close girlfriends behind, and left to fend for ourselves in LA. Or, we've lived in LA for a while, but our close friends start moving away, starting families, or just getting busy with life. Regardless of the scenario, we may have lost our partners in crime and are looking to make some new friendships. So I'm starting this meetup to hopefully start new memories with new girlfriends here in LA. Brunches at non-chain restaurants, shopping, dinners, yoga, happy hours, dancing, hiking, game nights, wine-tasting, spa days, weekend trips.... I could go on forever.

My goal with this meetup isn't to have hundreds of members. Let's just try and create a core group of friends who we can genuinely get to know.

So who are we? We are drama-free women in our late 20's and 30's who like to be social, try new things, and are genuinely interested in making new friends (even outside of Meetup).

A few promises to make if you are interested in joining (and I hope you are):

• NO DRAMA... (we are all to old for that)

• Commit... life happens, so we all can't go to everything, but let's at least try to participate in a few things

• Be respectful, no flakes... if you can't make it (again life happens), just give someone a heads up

• Help organize... I'd love to hear your ideas of what you'd like to do (I can't do this myself)

I think that's it! Here goes nothing... Looking forward to making new memories with new friends.

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