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Thank you for joining Girlfriends Galore "Where Friendships Flourish". Girlfriends Galore started in Scottsdale, AZ in 2010 and has been going strong ever since.

Who are we?

Girlfriends Galore is a national women’s social club. We are NOT a meet up group! We have chapters in Phoenix, AZ, Minneapolis, and Oahu, Hawaii

What do we do?

We host several types of events each month to empower and enrich the lives of women by offering a place of Friendship, Education, Networking, Personal Development, Goal Setting and Fun.

Why we are different…

We are a national women's social club founded to create friendships that last a lifetime. We are so much MORE than just a social/meet up group. We use meet up for our calendar and as a way to meet new women that would be interested in joining our membership. We are NOT a networking group. We are about personal growth, business development and support. We focus on enhancing women’s lives and building long, lasting relationships. We are about positive lifestyle changes and positive people. We are changing lives of women one Girlfriend at a time.

Watch our video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFw36OjmhiY)

Call Heather at 602-228-3478 with any questions you may have..

Thank you :0 ) (http://www.girlfriendsgalore.net)


Join Us!

● Create deep meaningful relationships with elite group of ladies

● Discounted services /prices from our partners, sponsors and members

● Meet up: Post your events and become a sponsor

● Become strategic business partners with Girlfriends Galore and exclusive members

● Receive exclusive opportunities for networking, social media, business building, business membership sponsor discounts,and free tickets to local concerts/events

● Private event invites for GG Exclusive members only


Business Benefits

●National/International exposure for your business.

●Post your events on our calendar.

●Facebook group member, permission to post information about your business and events.


● Free social media and website classes

●Skin care , Make up, Hair care, Wellness, Essential Oils, Weight Loss

Our Events

●Social Events - Hiking,Boating, Skiing, Happy hour, Dancing, Special member only invites, Etc.

●Education - Free classes and workshops, webinars and business development coaching.

●Girlfriend Get-Aways - Enjoy a weekends of friends, rest, relaxation, fun, and sun!

●National Chapter Visits - Visit G.G. chapters in other states and meet other chapter members.

●Fabulous Friday - Join us for wine, desert, fun, friends, education, networking and prizes.

●Ladies Lunches -Afternoon lunch of fun and friendship

●Happy Hour -Wear your favorite heels and join us for fabulous fun and Girlfriends Galore!

●Bunko - Fun dice game played once a month. Win money and awesome prizes!

●Design Your Life Personal Development - We help each other set goals, overcome obstacles, make new connections, and a sounding board for either personal or for business matters.

Social Media

●Join our Facebook community and post in our page and groups.

●Join our meet-up group and post your upcoming events.

For more information on Girlfriends Galore, sponsorship, or how to post your event on meet-up please contact Heather at 602-228-3478 or email girlfriendsgalore.heather@gmail.com.

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Who would have ever guessed that a desire for more girlfriend time would turn into an national women’s group! In August 2010, Heather Lundervold the CEO and Founder of Girlfriends Galore, decided she needed more girlfriend time. Through her years of networking, owning a successful flower shop for 9 years, a director for Business Network International and an avid horse rider, she had met so many amazing and successful women. With everyone so busy, Heather realized she needed more time with her girlfriends. After hearing “It’s been so long…we have to get together,” so many times, she decided to create a monthly event she could invite all her girlfriends for girl time and fun.

At first, the girls would get together once a month for “Girls Night Out.” It worked out perfectly! She was able to see her close friends more often and when they arrived at the events, she discovered many of her friends were actually friends with each other as well. It’s such a small world! As a result: long, lost friendships were rekindled and new friendships began. The monthly events were held for 1 year and became so successful, Heather decided it was time to expand and offer something great to the community. She started inviting all women looking for fun, friendship and ta-daaa! Girlfriends Galore was born! Heather realized, “As a woman, it is always a challenge to stay connected and meet new friends. We are busy with kids, work, family etc. Our friendships and relationships are important to nourish, just like our families. We need girlfriends we can lean on and also escape together on occasion for a little fun. Now we have a way!” WELCOME TO OUR CLUB!! WE ARE EXCITED TO HAVE YOU!

Upcoming events (2)


The Monastery

YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN HAMBURGERS ON THE GRILL. The Monastery is a casual, fun neighborhood pub, tucked away in a Santa Fe style house. We are surrounded by trees, grass and sand in a comfortable environment that can easily accommodate groups of any size while still remaining informal and cozy. Listen to some of Arizona's best bands, intimate acoustic duo's, open mic, DJ's or sing karaoke as we continue to be a great venue for the Arizona music scene. Check out our calendar and event page. Play volleyball on one of our 2 large sand courts, or enjoy other activities such as ping pong and horse shoes. Enjoy great food and good times, along with your favorite adult beverage from our full service bar at the most relaxed home in Mesa. We have over 50 taps of craft, domestic, and import beers. Visit the memorable Commemorative Air Force Museum at the airfield to learn about the brave men and women who trained at Falcon Field. Take a ride on Sentimental Journey, a flying B-17 that helped win the war in the skies over Germany. Relax, enjoy and Welcome Home, Stranger. You truly are among friends. APPETIZERS CHICKEN STRIPS Served w/ Your Choice of Ranch, Honey Mustard, or BBQ Sauces • 9.75 JUMBO SOFT PRETZEL warmed to perfection, brushed w/ garlic butter and dipping cheese. salted to order • 8.00 CALAMARI • 8.50 CHIPS & SALSA • 5.50 MOZZARELLA STICKS • 8.75 FRIED PICKLE or ZUCCHINI • 8.75 FRENCH FRIES or TATER TOTS • 5.50 STEAK FRIES • 7.50 LOADED CHICKEN NACHOS Half Portion-Tortilla Chips, Topped w/Cheese, Chicken, Jalapeno’s, Cilantro, Tomatoes, and Black Olives. Served w/ a Side of Salsa & Sour Cream • 9.00 Full Portion-Huge Portion Ready to Share, but That Doesn't Mean You Have to • 14.25 STREET TACOS Chicken or Beef • 2 for 4.00 FAMOUS WINGS** Jumbo Wings Fried Traditional Style or Ask and We Will Finish Them on the Grill or In the Oven for More Flavor and That Extra Crunch. Comes w/ a Side of Ranch, Celery, and Carrots Mild , Medium , Hot , Honey Hot , BBQ , Honey BBQ , Sweet Thai , Dry Ranch , Lemon Pepper , Garlic Parmesan 1 pound • 14.75 Extra Ranch • 0.50 Extra Celery & Carrots • 1.00 Double Grilled or Baked • 1.00 SALADS & WRAPS BBQ CHOPPED CHICKEN SALAD or WRAP ** Iceberg Lettuce, Bacon, Avocado, and Tomatoes Tossed in Creamy Ranch Dressing. Topped w/ Grilled or Fried Chicken Breast · 11.50 CHICKEN COBB WRAP ** Lettuce w/ Diced Egg, Avocado, Tomato, Grilled or Fried Chicken Breast, Black Olives, Bacon, and Blue Cheese Crumbles · 12.00 CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD or WRAP ** Our Version Of This Classic w/ Iceberg Lettuce, Thick Creamy Caesar Dressing, Shredded Parmesan, Black Olives, And Croutons. Topped w/ Grilled or Fried Chicken Breast · 11.00 WEDGE SALAD Bed of Fresh Greens Topped w/ Tomato, Blue Cheese and Bacon · 8.00 SIGNATURE PLATES 10oz SIRLOIN STEAK ** Our Choice Steak Grilled to Your Specifications and Topped w/ Our Seasoned Butter. Served w/ Steak Fries and Side Salad ·[masked]oz SIRLOIN TIPS ** Our Choice Marinated Sirloin Tips Sautéed to Order. Served w/ Steak Fries and Side Salad · 14.00 MONK CHICKEN ** Fresh Premium Chicken Breast Coated w/ Our Honey Italian Marinade, Grilled Fresh and Served w/ Steak Fries and a Side Salad · 13.50 Add Bacon · 1.00 SIGNATURE SANDWICHES GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST SANDWICH ** Fresh Premium Chicken Breast Char Broiled w/ Your Choice of Cheese. Spicy or Teriyaki Upon Request · 13.25 PAUL'S CAJUN CHICKEN SANDWICH ** Fresh Premium Cajun Seasoned Chicken Breast Smothered In Our Signature Spicy Blue Cheese · 13.25 VEGGIE BURGER Our Signature Char Broiled Black Bean Patty w/ Lettuce, Tomato, and Onion • 12.00 OUR FAMOUS MONK BURGER ** Premium Beef Patty Char Broiled w/ Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and Thousand Island Dressing. Guaranteed To Be A Mouth-watering Treat! · 12.00 Add a patty · 3.25 MUSHROOM SWISS BURGER** Premium Beef Patty Char Broiled w/ Swiss Cheese, Sautéed Mushrooms, Lettuce, Tomato, and Onion · 13.00 Host: Debbie[masked]

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