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Revel is a new platform designed just for women in mid-life and beyond. Shut out, shut in, left behind...no more. Revel is building a nation-wide community to foster connection with others near and far who share our life experiences.

And, for a limited time, you can join Revel as a FREE-FOR-LIFE inaugural member!! Our platform is safe, secure, and respectful of your privacy. None of your info is ever shared outside of our own safely guarded membership.

To become a Revel member, just go to helloRevel.com (http://hellorevel.com/) and click ‘Join.’

When you sign up, you can choose to attend over 250 free monthly get-togethers.* Or, you can create your own gathering focused on any-and-everything that’s important to you — post a meetup at your local cafe, or create a weekly book club. Plus, you can search our member profile pages for members who live near you, or share your interests.

Hidden in your home, lost in dreary routines, or trapped in obligations that fail to bring joy? With children grown, and careers winding down, this is the time to revel in the rest of your life.

Revelers create a welcoming and supportive environment for all who identify as women in mid-life and beyond.

*If you live outside of our San Francisco, LA, DC, and NYC hubs, there may not currently be sufficient members to hold in-person events. That’s why we’re offering this limited free-for-life inaugural program. We hope to have a critical mass of members in all major cities within the next year.

Upcoming events (4+)

Let's Take a Stained Glass Window Workshop Class Together! 🤗

Discovery Center

( SOLD OUT/FULL BUT BEST TO CALL OR EMAIL DISCOVERY CENTER AND ASK IF A SEAT OPENED UP FOR THIS DATE OR FEBRUARY 20 BUT SOME SEATS MIGHT BE AVAILABLE FOR MARCH 27 BUT SPACES ARE LIMITED BUT BOOK NOW, BOOK FAST, BOOK EARLY. RSVP'ING WON'T CONFIRM YOUR SPOT. WALK INS ARE NOT ALLOWED SINCE YOU MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE ) Let's take a Stained Glass Window Workshop Class Together! I got us a discount of $10 off with my special discount code for you but you just can't RSVP unless you pay Discovery Center on the link below, spaces are Limited so book Now by choosing a date. Please RSVP when you pay first on Discovery Center link only because you just cannot show up at class because once class is full and sold out, there is no class materials nor space in class to add you on day of class so please RSVP if you payed Discovery Center first to confirm your space, thank you kindly for understanding. You just can't show up on day of event because class will be full and no materials will be available after it is sold out, class full. Thank you kindly for understanding.

How to book:

First go to the bottom mentioned link for Discovery Center. Click on your chosen date, then click on add material fee, then it is added to your shopping cart. After class is in your shopping cart, go to the top of page shopping cart and click on it it will say that you have successfully chosen the class, then click on view cart and a question will ask you if you have a discount code, enter my Discount Code for you but type in all Capital Letters and no spaces in between just like I posted here on this posting for you, then it will take off $10 and then continue to pay by checking out with your credit card or debit card. If you have any questions or need help, please call Discovery Center at (773)[masked]. Please check out pictures on this posting for additional information.



Class Code: 1106
Availability: Spaces Available
Price: $75.00
Choose Your Class Session


Sec D Sun Jan 23 10:00am-4:00pm


* Required Material Fees:
Add Material Fee to cart (+$60.00)
Class Registration Fee: $7

Create your own beautiful stained glass art. Learn how to cut & break glass as you create your own project using the copper foil method. The session will deal with type & quality of glass, appropriate tools, cutting techniques and assembling. You will leave the class with a completed project.

Instructor: Isabel Badalpour has been a stained glass artist for 20 years and instructor for over 5 years. She enjoys teaching students to create unique pieces of art.

Location: 4318 N. Elston 1 session

Material Fee: $60.00
Class Registration Fee: $7

Also... I am going to eat at Taqueria El Primo, 4317 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL, across the street from Discovery Center after our class to eat Mexican food if anyone wants to join me after class message me please, thank you! 🤗

IN PERSON Mix & Match: Singles Meet Your Match! 😍😍 ( Ages 40's To 50's )

Adamus Lounge - The Silversmith Hotel & Suites

( BOOK NOW, BOOK FAST, BOOK EARLY, SPACES ARE LIMITED. RSVP'ING WON'T CONFIRM YOUR SPOT SO BEST TO GO TO DISCOVERY CENTER LINK TO WEBSITE TO CONFIRM YOUR SPOT AND THEN PLEASE MESSAGE ME THAT YOU CONFIRMED YOUR SPOT, THANK YOU! WALK INS ARE NOT ALLOWED SINCE YOU MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE ) Let's Find you your soulmate! Let's find you your Valentine's Day Date! Let's find you your love of your life! Mix & Match: Meet Your Match is what you need! Finally an in-person, face to face to find you someone special! Sara will be waiting to help you find love! I got everyone a discount to get $10 off price by entering my special discount code on the Discovery Center link below. Book now! Book Early! Don't Miss Out! Age groups 1:00pm to 3:30pm for ( Ages 40's to 50's) and 4pm to 6:30pm for ( Ages 20's to 30's).

Go to Discovery Link Below, Choose Date, Section, Time, Age Group You Want. Then Add To Cart, Then go straight to top left side to Shopping Cart, View Cart add my Discount Code in all Capital Letters, all together exactly the way it is below... Then Check Out.


Then Check out by paying Discovery Center. No walk-ins allowed. Must book in advance.


Ask for Sara or Mia when you arrive. No walk-ins allowed because you have to book in advance with Discovery Center to join this awesome event! Spaces are Limited so don't miss out! Book now! Book Early!

Class Code: 3606
Availability: Spaces Available
Price: $55.00
Choose Your Class Session
Class Registration Fee $7 will be added

Sec U Sat FEB 5th 1:00-3:30pm (40's - 50's)
Sec V Sat FEB 5th 4:00-6:30pm (20's - 30's)


This exclusive event will Perk up your dating life!

Mix & Match is a series of on-going, fast, 5 to 7 minutes one-to-one exchanges or "mini dates." Throughout the event, men and women pair off to talk and then move on to the next person. By the end of the event, you would've had a chance to talk to and make an impression on everyone of the opposite sex. After each encounter, you will privately fill in a Yes or No on your date cards. If the attraction is mutual, a match is made. Be approciable, use verbal and non-verbal love signals and engage in small talk. Daters are able to circulate with great ease during this provocative social gathering. Mix & Match is an organized, low pressure setting that appeals to many weary of online dating sites. It eliminates the awkwardness of asking for a telephone number or feeling pressure to give a number, and it provides a sure-fire way to meet many people in a short period of time. Mix & Match gives new meaning to the expression, "Let's meet offline".

Mix & Match takes place at friendly, comfortable and of course, cozy locations, the perfect sophisticated atmosphere for your event.

Location: Adamus Cocktail Lounge 10 S. Wabash Chicago 1 session

"I attended a Singles Mix & Match event offered through the Discovery Center...It was the first time I'd ever done anything of this sort, but I am happy to announce that not only did I meet someone there during the event, he and I are now engaged to be married ! Thanks so much - these events are not only fun, they work!" Leona


Let's Play Mexican Bingo, Have Brunch and Mimosas! 🤗🥂😍

Adamus Lounge - The Silversmith Hotel & Suites

Let's have brunch and all different flavored Mimosas, Bloody Mary's, other drinks or coffee or teas or juices at Adamus in the Silversmith Hotel and learn Spanish while playing La Loteria, Mexican Bingo! Wear the color Red if you want to. Please Bring $2 donation Exact Cash please at event or donate $2 on Cash App Link below. If you want to play La Loteria, Mexican Bingo, please bring only single $1 bills because it will be difficult to get change since Adamus only accepts debit or credit cards for food and only accept cash on either your debit or credit or cash for tip only. No cash accepted for brunch nor drinks. So please be prepared, no change available if you don't bring $1 bills to play. Thank you kindly for understanding. Please cancel your RSVP if you cannot attend since I can only accept 19 people total to play game. Only have 20 Mexican Bingo, La Loteria tablets to play. Please Be on time to order and enjoy Brunch, Mimosas and other drinks, play and have fun!🤗🥂😍


See you there! 🤗 Hey! I’ve been using Cash App to send money and spend using the Cash Card. Try it using my code and you’ll get $5. ZJJDTGF


Discovery Center

( BOOK NOW, BOOK FAST, BOOK EARLY, SPACES ARE LIMITED. RSVP'ING WON'T CONFIRM YOUR SPOT. WALK INS ARE NOT ALLOWED SINCE YOU MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE ) Let's Take a WINE Tasting Class to Become A Wine connoisseur. I got us $10 off with my special discount code! Book Now! Book Fast! Book Early! Spaces are Limited! RSVP'ing won't confirm your spot. Waitlist is not allowed since you must book in advance.


Go to Discovery Center Link above, choose class number 3238, Choose Date. Add class and material fee to the basket. Then go straight to Shopping Cart ( NOT CHECKOUT), Then Enter Coupon Code in all Capital Letters and all together. Then one you enter coupon code go to Check Out.


Code: 3238
Availability: Spaces Available
Price: $35.00
Choose Your Class Session


Sec M Fri FEB 18 7:00pm-9:00pm

* Required Material Fee: $30
Class Registration Fee $7


Learn the Fine Art of Wine Tasting and Wine Appreciation. Join us for an exciting evening of fine wine & good times as you learn the delicate art of wine tasting! For budding wine enthusiasts, this workshop is designed to help you cultivate your palate & expand your "wine vocabulary." Learn to swirl, sniff and sip like a pro. Taste several of the "classical" grapes varietals of the world and discover their aromas and flavor profiles. Gain command of basic wine vocabulary and tasting techniques. Bring all your questions about wine and food pairings, storage, or how to select a wine at a restaurant or wine shop, or any other vexing dilemma.

Topics include: classical varieties of wine grapes, the influence of soil and climate (terroir), vinification techniques that influence aroma and taste, temperatures and recommendations for proper storage, which wines are best suited to which foods and occasions. Here's your opportunity to develop your palate and appreciation for international and domestic wines. Extra! Each session your instructor brings a bonus wine that has a unique process to taste & discuss.

Material Fee: $30

Location: 4318 N Elston 1 session

"Excellent wine, fun people, friendly staff, it gave me the confidence to order wine in a restaurant & know I'm doing it properly!" -G.G.(class 3238)

*Please Note: Minimum age 21; proof of age required.

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