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Calling all small business entrepreneurial Women you have a product or service that helps more feel inspired to be bold ,live out their values ,defy what seems impossible and you want to re-inspire the community or communities you serve to create a lifestyle that brings more of what they are passionate about.

You are that Chicken Soup for the Soul kind of believer who believes all things are possible and can be turned into good and personal growth , you are that Spiritual kind of Junkie who's soul is craving a non-conventional creative type of net-working that involves the Stone Cold Soup kinda connecting/and collaborating , and places big value on the character you get to become as you have decided to become bolder and fearless ,own your value and Share your voice . You made a big gutsy decision to be "irreverent to the conventional type gathering" to live from the heart to give and bring value to the dreams and desires that fun loving and freedom seeking soul lifestyle people want the courage to step more into THIS YEAR.You want to help them fulfill on dreams and desires that they once heard the nasty Big fat No over.You want to form a heart-linked kind of connection with others to help you serve more of who you desire to serve .
Warning this is not for the conventional business minded thinker this is for the one that wants to lean more on being creative and wants to share their wild wisdom to help more be more in 2019.
Doors are open for fun and fearless heart centered business women dates will be posted soon

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