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Girls Can Do IT is a group connecting women willing to improve themselves in new technologies. The group purpose is to encourage women that IT is not only boy-stuff and that we can be successful in this field as well as others! The only needed thing is to narrow the topic and that's what GCDI do! If you are completely new or if you want to become more skilled or if you are just curious about the meetings' topics, don't hesitate! The requirement is that you are woman or you feel like one.

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Can Blockchain contribute to a sustainable future? And how to take a part in it?

As we move away from COVID and two years into a new decade, a lot had happened in the Fintech front that is not only revolutionary but also a ground foundation for our future, but we aren’t talking enough about the sustainable way of combining both blockchain and sustainability. This talk will hopefully give a more fulfilling picture on blockchain and how to be a part of a more environmental friendly way of building the future through tech.

Navi Kaur is a Key Speaker of how to integrate mindful strategies in business. She is a Crypto enthusiast and has studies on Blockchain technologies from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Her background on Fashion Design and Mindful-Coaching makes her view of the world a unique way of looking at the evolution of technology. She will share her journey on how it has been for her to get into a completely new field and getting god at it! But her main goal of this meetup is for Navi to talk about blockchain and crypto, how it will evolve in the nearest future and why it is important that you know the impact this can have for you. Join us!

Did you know that...

Crypto market is such a fast growing market that had a revenue on 24billion us Dollars in 2021. With also a revenue on 17billion on only NFT’s. And surprisingly this is just the beginning. But money isn’t all it is actually the technology behind it, which is the big key. If we wish for more equality and more space to evolve our voice to build the future , Blockchain and Crypto is the way to start, influencing already.

We'll meet at 17:45, the talk starts at 18:00, we hope to see you there!

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