Meetup #3: Introducing GitLab 9.2 with GitLab's VP of Product



Our next meetup will be held on Tuesday 6/6/17 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

This time it will be a face-to-face meeting.

We have a special guest who will be visiting Israel:

Job van der Voort, VP of product @ GitLab company.

This could be your chance to learn what's new in GitLab and ask him questions.


18:30 Gathering


• Greetings: Tamir Gefen, ALMtoolbox

• "From Idea to Production" with GitLab v9.2, Job van der Voort

• Cool things you can do with Kubernetes, containers and GitLab

19:30 Break: Pizza and Beer


• How we use GitLab @ GitLab company: Job van der Voort

• Q & A

20:30 End

People who come will learn new things about GitLab 9.2 (will be released at May 22nd), Kubernetes and some interesting stories of what it means to work at GitLab.

No recording is currently planned.

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