GitLab Lunch and Learn - Wellington (starts 12:15PM local time)


Join us for this Lunch and Learn Lab Session, where we will break out into small groups and develop your understanding and skills through hands-on practical use of GitLab. Sessions will be tailored to attendee demand. Bring your laptop as this will be hands on!

For the beginner:
- Learn how to create a repository, commit code.
- Issue tracking.
- Branching strategy.
- Boiler plate repo templates.

Extending your use of GitLab:
- Learn how to take a project and add a GitLab pipeline that will build and test your code.
- Make use of GitLab’s free 2000 minutes of compute per month.
- Create your own private runner on prem or in private cloud.
- Integrating GitLab with Jira or Slack.
- Getting started with AutoDevOps.
- CI-CD for Salesforce.
- Static web pages.
- Deployment strategies on/off premise.

Please note: due to limitations of and the location of this group, we are unable to set the start time to local Wellington time. Please consider this when adding the event to your calendar as you will need to manually adjust the start time to 12:15pm local Wellington time.