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How AI and ML can help to Identify and Prevent Fraud

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Register here to secure your spot: https://h2o.ai/events/webinar/ai-and-ml-with-fraud/

Identifying and preventing fraud is extremely important for any business’s success. Discovering fraud within a few minutes is crucial to avoid enormous losses, not only from a financial perspective but also not to impact the customer experience.

In the Financial Industry, for instance, there are many challenges that need to be faced, and companies that have a more imminent risk of fraud invest in AI and Machine Learning (ML) as a preventive measure to deal with these challenges.

As a business leader, you may ask yourself: how can I start implementing AI initiatives in my organisation? What are the initial steps? What should I prioritise? How can I measure the outcomes?
In this virtual event, we will cover fraud detection and prevention across various industries with real-world examples, demonstrating how H2O.ai has helped some of its customers, such as AT&T and PayPal. The goal is to provide our audience with a playbook on general relevant actions on how to detect and prevent fraud using AI.

Asghar Ghorbani, Lead Data Science / Solution Engineer H2O.ai,

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