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What we’re about

As we move towards a more online based society having the ability to code, and know how to use various programming languages, is becoming a much more powerful skill to have.

Myself and a couple of people wanted to learn more about how to code and also to encourage each other on our coding journey. There is a miasma of programming languages out there and IDE's to choose from, which can be daunting. Another issue is finding motivation to code (or having an idea of what program to make!). Searching the groups available in Glasgow there didn't seem to be any general groups for learning to program.

The idea (and hope) for this group is to get people enthusiastic for coding, of various levels, to get together and help each other learn to code as well as share ideas. Venues will be at various cafes where we can meet to discuss/practice coding.

Neil McKillop has kindly created an IRC chat room #coding at the following address: . Please feel free to join in the coversation if you have any coding questions or the like.

Group wiki is available at the following link:

There is also a forum, for the group, available at