Getting started - web programming from scratch in PHP (Level 1)

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The Avalon Bar

25 Kent Rd · Glasgow

How to find us

There'll be a meetup sign on the table, next to my laptop - also it's a tiny lounge, you won't miss us :)

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The sixth in a twice-monthly series of programming lessons starting from scratch. All welcome to attend, from complete beginners up (the more experienced can help teach!). This will be very informal, I'll be plugged into a large screen to demo some stuff and we'll sit around a big table and code-along.

Note, this is a level 1 event (see to decide it its suitable for you) everyone is welcome but this event is for those that have been to a few sessions already (i.e. you should have your server set up and ready as we won't be covering that this time).

Goals for this event - we'll expand on the quiz program we've already created:

- Experiments with regular expressions (accept typos or misspelled versions of an answer)
- Multi-table databases (expansion of the quiz project with multiple choice answers)
- Quiz scoring (tracking the questions asked and the answers given, with total at the end)

You can get a head start by reading the 'Getting Started' page on the wiki:

We'll set aside some time for general Questions and Answers.
If you have any technical questions before coming along, you can reach us on the Fediverse at or via #coding on (read about IRC at

Once you've mastered these skills you should be ready to start making basic web apps (quizes, todo list etc). From there, the only limit is your imagination.

Next meetups will cover more advance topics like user logins, session management, frameworks and more. But we'll try to keep these beginner level events happening around once a month. Also happy to work/teach in Python and demo some real-world apps and tools depending on demand.

- There is free tea and coffee at the event, but the Avalon give us this space for free, so ideally if you buy a coke or a beer that'd help keep them happy.
- Bringing a laptop will help you get a lot more out of this event.