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If you are interested in being an Independent Author and self-publishing then come along. We welcome anyone whether you have already published some work, have a book or two ready or are working through a book at the moment.

We are Sinclair and Kim Macleod and together we bring a wealth of practical self-publishing experience with 8 of our own books, 130,000 book sales. We developed Indie Authors World after so many writers asked for help and have now published 85 books of all genres for other writers. We have learned a lot about publishing and love to share our experience and encourage others to take the leap and self-publish.

The Indie Authors group will provide practical advice, support and motivation for authors. The group offers monthly meetups with a key practical theme, expert sessions, motivation tips and problem solving. We have sessions on editing, fomatting, publishing formats, social media, marketing and selling. Where possible we hope to invite some experts along to share their wisdom too.

The focus of meetups are positive and encouraging to ensure that authors can benefit from the group, share best practice and network with others. The Indie Authors group offer opportunites for joint marketing, promotions and events to assist members with marketing and selling their books.

Find out more about our training and services and sign up for our newletter @ http://www.indieauthorsworld.com

We look forward to meeting you,

Sinclair and Kim

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Marguerite Henderson's Book Launch Celebration

Online event

Join us as we celebrate the launch of 'My Story: Sepsis Raw & Real' with Marguerite Henderson . Learn first hand, about her story; the paper-cut that led to a loss of limbs and how she coped. This is an inspiring story of courage, love and the importance of family and friendship that will fill your heart. Sepsis kills 5 people every hour in the UK and Marguerite is so thankful she wasn’t one of them. In 2018, Marguerite Henderson’s life was good. She had just finished renovating her home, enjoying adding her own creative touches. She loved to spend time with her friends when she wasn’t working in her full-time job. She was looking forward to a bright future with her family. Who would have thought that a small paper-cut on her finger was about to change her life so dramatically? When Marguerite first noticed the cut, she never gave it a thought. Gradually she felt more unwell, but it was the swift actions of her family getting her to hospital and the skill of the NHS team that helped save her life. Here, Marguerite shares her dramatic, emotional story of her fight against sepsis that would ultimately take her limbs but not break her spirit. Her story is RAW and REAL, with the challenges and heartaches faced as she came to terms with her very different life.

Shiona Johnston's Book Launch Celebration

Online event

Join us as we celebrate the launch of 'Midlife, Menopause and Me' with Shiona Johnston. Midlife, Menopause and Me is the ‘must have’ book to sit on your bed-table and share with your girlfriends. Specialist midlife coach and speaker, Shiona Johnston, has been creating a storm and transforming the lives of menopausal women. Empowering them with the knowledge and strength to live their very best midlife. Shiona shares her story and those of other women to provide a framework for transforming midlife into what every woman most longs for: happiness, health and abundance. Managing the symptoms of menopause, the emotional and psychological changes that come with it can be difficult. Shiona and her ‘muses’ provide amazing advice, lessons and practical support which promise to unleash our power and remind us that this is our time, to go all in and live our very best midlife. The stories with challenges, triumphs and celebrations are refreshingly honest and real. It’s like sitting down with your best friend and spilling your heart out. Use it to start difficult conversations with your boss or your partner, and to reassure yourself you are not invisible, and you are certainly not alone!! “This book is exactly what every woman needs” Carolyn Paton, British Dietetic Association “It’s an invitation to join a sisterhood of wise women,” Amy Simpson, Specialist Fertility And Hormonal Health Coach

Fi Sutherland's Book Launch Celebration

Online event

Join us as we celebrate the launch of 'Coming Home' with Fi Sutherland. Awakening through the stillness into the living light Fi Sutherland’s inspirational memoir of her recovery from a near-death experience in Peru in 2009, guides readers in the awakening process through personal development, spirituality and meditation. Fi emerged from a coma in the enlightened state of unconditional love, joy and inner peace. In this blissful state and free from fear, she was present in each moment, and only that moment mattered. The luminous experience strengthened Fi’s resolve to follow her heart and help others to consciously achieve the awakened state. A qualified therapeutic counsellor and teacher at the Scotland-based ISIS School of Holistic Health. Fi charts her journey from ignorance to self-awareness and shares techniques to mentor readers to set aside old mindsets, gain awareness and move into a heart-centred approach to living. Coming Home rouses the inner calling to live life in an authentic, meaningful and inclusive way, and helps each reader reveal their hidden gifts and find joy.

How to publish and sell your book at Indie Authors Cafe

Waterstones Sauchiehall St

• What we'll do Our Indie Author World events are here to inspire, motivate, educate and entertain you. These events will give you the chance to meet our authors, find out more about their books and their top tips for successful self publishing. Ask questions and learn more about publishing, marketing books and sales. In the first hour we will interview two authors about their books, getting the low down on where they get their ideas and inspiration, how they keep them going through the tough days and and their top tips for encouraging other writers. The second hour is focused on publishing and marketing tips and what it takes to be an Indie Author. With time for questions and networking it's a great way to make good connections. We will also have occasional guests that professional Indies just couldn't manage their business without. From editors and book designers to marketing and book selling experts we will be uncovering all the inside info from the experts. Check each of the monthly listings to see who our author speakers and guests are. Author Speakers are - Our author speaker's books will be on sale in the store. We hope to see you there. • What to bring A notepad and pen to capture your thoughts and nuggets of advice • Important to know Its FREE to attend, books, drinks and food are on sale.

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