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Show me someone whose setting out into the wilderness to ‘conquer nature’ and I’ll show you someone who's coming home cold, wet and tired!

Of course, it doesn't have to be like that.

Glasgow Nature Connection is built around Meetup’s core idea of bringing people with similar interests together.

In this group you’ll get to appreciate some magnificent scenery, cook some traditional food over a campfire, learn a few ancient and modern outdoor skills and meet some cool people.

We'll also be looking at various techniques and practises aimed at improving our wellbeing.

If you've been to any of my other Meetups you'll know I run a relaxed and friendly group. You don't need any prior experience, you don't need to be super fit and it doesn't matter if you don't know any of the other members!

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Scotland 500 BC and the Work Life Balance

Online event

On Loch Tay, not far from Aberfeldy, there once stood a Crannog. This was a large thatched circular dwelling built on sturdy wooden piles out in the loch. It would have been home to several families and their animals. They would have cooked and eaten at a central fireplace, they would have slept side by side in the same space where they played with their children, cared for their animals and stored their provisions. They’d have gathered wild edibles with their babies on their backs and spent their evenings repairing clothes, tending the animals, making cordage, sharpening tools and maintaining the fabric of the crannog. They would have worked as a team at harvest time and on the hunt. So what does that have to do with work life balance? In truth, practically nothing. We have all but abandoned the integrated lifestyle approach taken by the people who lived in the Crannog and replaced it with one in which we strive to keep work and life as separate as possible. In this Meetup we’ll look at the relevance of ‘Work Life Balance’ in the wake of Covid 19. We’ll look at alternatives based around an integrated lifestyle and we’ll examine some of the mindset shifts necessary to achieve it. You coming?

Fit for Purpose 2020: Shelter and Goal Setting

Pollok Country Park


This is part of Fit For Purpose 2020, a five part programme that is all about coming back from Lockdown bolder and stronger. You can read more about it here: https://www.tomgoldlifecoach.com/Fit/for/purpose Making the most of our time in the outdoors often means dealing with the fact that it isnt always nice and sunny! If you’ve ever watched a thunderstorm roll in over the hills or reached a clearing in the forest just as the rain stops and the clouds part overhead you’ll know that you don’t need a beautiful day for Scotland’s magnificent scenery to work its magic on you. In this Meetup we’re going to look at some practical steps and a few items of cheap easily carryable gear which can keep you, and the people with you dry and sheltered on the wildest day - or night. The ability to drastically improve our circumstances in the outdoors is a good start point for looking at Goal Setting. Whether its a career change, getting fit, meeting someone special or spending more time on the things that matter to you, we’ll look at a few different formats for nailing down our goals. Perhaps most crucially we’ll make sure they are compelling and kindle that sense of excitement that comes before something really great. It’s the only way to make them stick.

Solo Wilderness Skills

Cathkin Braes Country Park


Solo Wilderness Skills We’re going to borrow some skills from the people who travelled alone through some of the world’s great wildernesses and we’re going to repurpose them for some of Scotland’s beautiful, wild but accessible places. It's all about setting the right objectives like being happy, enjoying the scenery, staying warm and dry, bringing the right kit and what you don't need. We’ll learn how to use a tarp shelter whether it’s to say dry in a suddden downpour or make a snug overnight bivvy. The personal brew kit: How you assemble it from items you probably own (it can fit in a pocket of your daypack) How to cook for one on a ‘theif’s fire’. An array of camp gear you can make on site from natural resources. This is not apocalypse survival training, no big knives, no camouflage, no improvised weapons. Neither are these techniques limited to just one person, they work just as well for small groups. Current Govt. guidelines say we can meet outdoors in groups if it is for training or coaching purposes. You can read more about that here. We will be observing rulings on social distance and and I’ll providing hand washing and hand sanitising facilities. https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-phase-3-staying-safe-and-protecting-others/pages/sports-culture-and-leisure-activities/#Exercise%20and%20activity

Fit for Purpose 2020: Green Exercise

Mugdock Country Park


This is part of Fit For Purpose 2020, a five part programme that is all about coming back from Lockdown bolder and stronger. You can read more about it here: https://www.tomgoldlifecoach.com/Fit/for/purpose If you can’t find a truly enjoyable way to exercise you’re not going to stick with it. A lot of people I speak to believe that getting fit means an expensive gym membership and some equally expensive stuff to wear when you go there. Not so. No amount of time spent thrashing the treadmill can equal the elation of reaching the hilltop just as the mist clears. Similarly, no abs workout will be as good as setting our pack down at trail’s end in time to watch the sun set. So we’re going to talk about getting fitter by using the greatest gym in the world - the outdoors. We’re going to talk about getting physically strong so you can exert muscular effort when you need to, or aquiring the stamina to keep going at the end of a long day. We’ll look at ways of getting ourselves in shape to enjoy the outdoors with a few simple exercises and routines. Walking with a weighted rucksak, bodyweight exercises, pace setting, graduated pushups, sawing and choppoing logs (yes, that works too!) Crucially we’ll also talk about what it takes to stay the course. This is not fitness bootcamp, you don't need to be super fit and you already own everything you need. We’re also going to take the time to get grips with using axes, bushcraft knives and saws in a woodland environment. In the outdoors these are game changing tools for people who can handle them safely. Would you like to know more about Fit For Purpose 2020? Please check out the other events in this series or got to https://www.tomgoldlifecoach.com/Fit/for/purpose

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Fire, Motivation and Entitlement

Cathkin Braes Country Park


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