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Upcoming events (2)

PentaBAR // Web Automation with Robot Framework: Selenium vs Playwright

The commonly used Robot Framework is a keyword-driven test automation solution that empowers testers to efficiently manage complex workflow scripts. But which tool to choose?

On Wednesday, 19th May, from 13:30 EEST we invite you to a new PentaBAR where we’ll compare automation tools Selenium and Playwright to find out which one is worth choosing and which one is out-of-date.

🚀 Book your virtual seat: https://buff.ly/3xZeVzE

Our speaker will be Liviu Avram, Project Manager and QA Automation Lead at Pentalog, with 13+ years of testing experience.

The PentaBAR’s agenda will cover:
🔵 Introduction to Playwright
🔵 Browser Library based on Playwright – What are the benefits?
🔵 Playwright vs Selenium
🔵 Why is Selenium obsolete?
🔵 Browser Library – where does it stand today and what’s coming?
🔵 What’s new in Browser Library? – examples of mixed locators

Liviu Avram will also present a demo with Selenium and Browser Library.
About our speaker:
Liviu Avram is an experienced QA, passionate about automation testing and robot framework.
As Project Manager and QA Automation Lead at Pentalog Brasov, he is always ready to take on new challenges and share his knowledge with others. He even created a Youtube channel - Robot Framework Tips, Tricks And Tutorials, where he provides insight on automation testing and using tools that help make testers’ lives much easier. You can follow him here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp8uBx7Gw6sNCK371E04u9w

PentaBAR // JS: Next Level Up

Online event

Whether you’re new to JavaScript or looking to elevate your skills, this timely event offers invaluable insights and practical advice in a convenient, 2-hour format.

Join our JS: Next Level Up special edition on Wednesday, 26th May, starting 5:00 PM EEST | 09:00 AM CST.

🔥 Book your seat here: https://buff.ly/3opNryK 🔥

Pentalog’s Chief Platform Officer, Cornel Fatulescu will be the keynote speaker.

The agenda for this PentaBAR JS Special Event:

🔵 The love-hate relationship with React Hooks – a live coding session with Alex Moldovan, co-founder JS Heroes
🔵 Ken Wheeler, Software Engineer & React Artist, will show how to Do as little work as possible:
✔ Exploration into optimizing run time performance
✔ Measuring performance
✔ Identifying issues + guideline to fixing them
✔ How to use dev tools performance and make apps run faster
About our speakers:
Alex Moldovan is an Open-Source Engineer at teleportHQ and one of the founders of the open-source community JSHeroes. He is an active voice in the JavaScript community and his mission is to help and inspire others to build an accessible, secure and faster web. Alex is a PentaBAR alumni, with another successful presentation under his belt: The Human Side of Accessibility.

A passionate web developer, Ken Wheeler is known in the dev community as the author of several popular open-source libraries, such as Spectacle, react-music, react-game-kit and Webpack Dashboard. He characterizes himself as a ‘worldwide speaker and electronic musician who sometimes codes React’.

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