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May I extend a very warm welcome to the Scottish Trekkers .

We are primarily a walking group doing a full and varied programme of walks from easy to more challenging walks throughout the year .. Weekend walking trips, Midweek and Evening walks.

From time to time there will be Social events , cycling , camping , fishing and other outdoor pursuits , throughout our Bonnie Scotland, if enough members show an interest

New Membership fees are …..£15 donation for the full year this covers all events runes from May - May £2 donation per .

Trekkers are a not for profit group ….your donations pay for the site upkeep and any extra funds spent on OS maps, etc... alas this year VAT has been added to the running cost by meetup and this alone has upped our running cost by 20%.

All members are responsible for their own actions and safety when on a group events , participants in our activities do so in the knowledge that there is risk of personal injury or death when taking part. All members must be adequately dressed and carry enough food and drink and any special equipment needed as advised by the walk leader..ie..in winter ..ice axes and crampons.

This year sees the start for my walk dates flexibility …

Hopefully this will not arise to often but just to make you aware it can happen .

ie. instead of a Saturday the event could to be changed to a Sunday of the same weekend or vice versa, in order to get the best day re. weather …. many times over the past years our single event walk dates have fallen on the worst day weather wise of the weekend . To this end I will be changing the proposed day for the event and yes sometimes at short notice , in order to attain the best day for the event. I know this will not suit some who might not be able to make the changed date but on balance it may allow others to participate ….and those participating in much better weather conditions .

New Rules have now been put in place .

To this end I have been in considerable consultation with our Hosts who do a fabulous job in organising amazing events for us over the years … thus making the Trekkers the wonderful friendly group of people it is . Alas the conduct of a minority of members (though this is increasing and more so this year) are spoiling our events for the majority. Late keeping , no shows , double booking , moaning, failure to take hosts instructions , not reading event fully, disrespect for our hosts ...criticising pace, routes , break times , length of stops etc ..This has to stop and be stamped out or we risk loosing the backbone of our group our Hosts who give up so much of their time and sometimes at considerable expense to themselves through recces etc...


Trekkers new rules will be based on a simple 6 points system ….reach 6 points in a calendar year and you will be suspended/removed from the group and all events for a minimum of three months . The length of suspension/removal will be discussed and decided upon by the Organiser and Event host for that event / events .

"No Shows " ie. not turning up and not changing your RSVP will receive a …

2 point penalty ..accrue 4 points and you will receive a final warning from the Group organiser.

"Late coming" ie. being late for an event , it's just disrespectful to keep people waiting. You will receive a ..

1 1/2 points penalty ...accrue 4 1/2 points and you will receive a final warning from the Group organiser.

"Pulling Out of an event" within 48 hours of event. Will receive a …

1 point penalty ...accrue 5 points and you will receive a final warning from the Group organiser.

" Double Booking " and not changing your rsvp within 7 days of an event You will receive …

1 1/2 point penalty ...accrue 4 1/2 points and you will receive a final warning from the Group organiser.

Scottish Trekkers .. have a zero tolerance rule against all forms of Bullying..ie Racsism, Sexism, etc. Violence. Persistent general moaning or groaning, placing others in danger and any form of abuse to others ... not only on events but also on events pages . Will result in permanent exclusion from the group.

As will ..Anyone ! contacting members through the site mail system without prior knowledge of them. This has become a real problem this year with many instances being noted by me and action taken .

If you receive one please let me know immediately . I will act on it .

Not only will the offenders be barred from our group they will be reported to Meetup who I know take these matters very seriously and act accordingly.

A new tag system will be put in place by myself for the coming year on walks ..

it differs to the old one in that walkers must report to me now at the start of the walk ...I will have a list for the event and give each walker a tag . If you aren't a fully paid up member for the Year it's at this point you pay the new fee for the event .

Walkers must return the tag at the end of the walk or during the walk to me if they want to rush on and finish early.

Non Returning of tag to me at end or en-route of a walk will incur a fine of £2 and failing to pay- 2 points will be deducted .

The Trekkers ..we are not a knees to your chin Munro speed bagging group... Walkers all walk at different paces...the main group on an outing will walk at the pace of the slowest members . It's important that members read the full description of our events … if it states walking at a slow pace or at a snails pace for hills that is exactly what we do . It is up to each attendee to keep the walk leader in their sights not the other way round!

For each walk posted on the site ..the relevant walk leader will inform the grade, pace nd give relevant information about the distance , height and time ..thus giving you the member the choice to RSVP or not ..only you will know your level of fitness or preference for the walk.

Of course many walks will fall in between grades ...hence the full walk description on the said walk .

You can add a friend or friends to your RSVP. You are responsible for them.

Whenever possible there will be no limit placed on the size of group to encourage as many as possible to participate.

Organising lifts will be for members to arrange . If getting a lift please carry spare shoes for the car and a bag for muddy boots on the return. Please be on time for said lift and please make sure to reimburse the driver for a share of the fuel, parking ,ferry..or toll charge.

Children and dogs are more than welcome on most outings however this will be left to the walkleaders discretion ..he will know and will have done a reccie of the route and is in the best position to make such a decision.

Every member will have to have an up to date photo in their profile for security purposes....no exceptions ! Walkleaders and drivers have to know who they are taking and who they are picking up. There will be an

Annual membership ...donation of £15 to be paid in May of each year ... or £2 per walk to be given to the walkleader ... this is a not for profit making group with all proceeds to be spent on the group.

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