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Due to adverse weather conditions of blustery showers and local gales in the interest of safety this meetup has been cancelled...tam

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What we're about

May I extend a very warm welcome to the Trekkers .

We are primarily a walking group doing a full and varied programme of walks from easy to more challenging walks throughout the year .. Weekend, Midweek and Evening walks.

From time to time there will be Social events , cycling , camping , fishing and other outdoor persuits , throughout our Bonnie Scotland if enough members show an interest.

Most of you will know me from my two years with E.W. as a walk leader , my reason for starting this group is that I feel I have moved on and wish to broaden my horizons both in distance and geography .

The Trekkers ..we are not a knees to your chin Munro speed bagging group... Walkers all walk at different paces...the main group on an outing will walk at the pace of the slowest members .

For each walk posted on the site ..the relevant walk leader will inform the grade and give relevant information about the distance , height and time ..thus giving you the member the choice to RSVP or not ..only you will know your level of fitness or preference for the walk.

Grades will be .:-

Easy .............up to grade C .......................around the 6 mile mark on fairly level terrain .

Moderate ... grade C + up to grade B ....around the 10 mile mark and low level hills .

Tough ..........grade B up to grade A ........around the 15 mile mark or with very high hills.

Of course many walks will fall in between grades ...hence the full walk description on the said walk .

You can add a friend or friends to your RSVP. This number will be determind by the walkleader.

Whenever possible there will be no limit placed on the size of group to encourage as many as possible to participate.

All walkers and cyclist are responsible for their own actions and safety when on a group outing , participants in our activities do so in the knowledge that there is risk of personal injury or death when taking part. All members must be adequately dressed and carry enough food and drink and any special equipment needed as advised by the walk winter axes and crampons.

Trekkers have a zero tolerance rule against all forms of Racsism, Sexism, etc .

Organising lifts will be for members to arrange . If getting a lift please carry spare shoes for the car and a bag for muddy boots on the return. Please be on time for said lift and please make sure to reimburse the driver for a share of the fuel, parking ,ferry..or toll charge.

Children and dogs are more than welcome on most outings however this will be left to the walkleaders discretion ..he will know and will have done a reccie of the route and is in the best position to make such a decision.

Every member will have to have an up to date photo in their profile for security exceptions ! Walkleaders and drivers have to know who they are taking and who they are picking up. There will be an

Annual membership fee of £10 to be paid in May of each year ... or £1 per walk to be given to the walkleader ... this is a not for profit making group with all proceeds to be spent on the group.

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