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Hey all,

I'm on my own weight-loss journey: Can follow the journey here:
https://instagram.com/bahar_nessa/?hl=en @bahar_nessa

I'm at the point where I would like to share my tips and and my journey and help inspire others. I'm still on my own journey in losing the last bit and getting to be a fitter version of me.

So if anyone wants to join me in my journey, for weight-loss/maintenance/ weight gain then come and join the group. To discuss, share diet, recipes, go on walks and keep fit and accountable.

I've lost the weight by:
* Calorie Control
* Exercise
* Life Style Change

Also develop a sheet to track my journey, so if anyone wants to take part let me know :)


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First Meetup - Introduction

iCafe Merchant City

Hey all, The first meeting get to know eachother, talk about where we are in our journey. What our aims are and what we want to get out of the group. Let's start the journey :) Bahar

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