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** Please note: the start of this group is on hold for the moment, until we get some more people interested. We won't be approving any memberships for the moment, until we have a start day. Thanks for your patience and we look forward to meeting with you soon once a date has been confirmed! **


Launching May 2016!

Glasgow Women’s Support Group is a new support group for women, by women, based in Glasgow city centre. We are developing this support group following a large range of other services we have been offering for over 6 years now, some of which include other support groups (including eating disorder support groups, stress management groups, CBT groups, body image support groups and lots more). We are now looking to trial a specific support group for women only (over 16 years old).

This is a general support group for women to come along and get support, encouragement and a listening ear from other group members, volunteers and qualified psychotherapist(s). So the issues and problems we may share and discuss may include depression/mood, stress, anxiety, relationship problems, family issues, eating problems, distress and other mental/emotional health issues. It's NOT a support group for physical health issues (although we understand people who attend may experience such in addition to mental/emotional health issues).

This support group is a general support group for women (although please note it is part of a larger project that provides support and services for eating disorders, general psychotherapy, CBT training and lots more). We don’t just work with people with eating disorders, but with individuals and groups experiencing a wide range of issues and concerns, including stress, low mood and depression, anxiety, body image problems, relationship issues, loss, self-harm and much more. So this particular support group is a GENERAL support group and everyone is welcome! (females only*).

We are qualified professionals in psychotherapy and some of us also have previous personal experience as well as of various emotional and mental health issues, so we understand first-hand what it's like to go through difficult and dark times - we have been there ourselves, which is why we feel strongly about helping others too. We have also worked in many other fields of mental and emotional health, including depression, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, emotional dysregulation, and lots more. We incorporate various therapeutic approaches into our personal and professional services, including cognitive behavioural psychotherapy, compassion focused therapy, stress counselling, clinical hypnotherapy, schema therapy, mindfulness, person0centred counselling, dialectical behaviour therapy amongst others. We adhere to the ethical standards of various organisations and hold membership with a range of organisations. We have been an organisation for over 6 years now and look forward to trialling this new Glasgow Women’s Support Group as part of our wider project.

Unlike many other support groups out there, we are regulated, part of an accreditation network for support groups, have PVG's, insurance, belong to several professional and membership bodies, have boundary and confidentiality policies in place and much more - so you know you are joining an accredited, safe, regulated and professional service, especially in comparison to many other 'services' out there. Support groups are confidential, safe, encouraging, friendly and non-judgemental. We provide a listening ear and support. Please note that although some of us are qualified psychotherapists, this is not a therapy group, but a support group.

Anyone who feels that they are facing some emotional problem in some way and which is affecting their life, emotions, work, education, relationship or well-being is most welcome to get help support and a listening ear. We do also provide one-to-one therapy (CBT psychotherapy, Integrative Therapy, Life Coaching and Stress Management Therapy, so feel free to get in touch about that too, or see the relevant links on our website.


The support groups may be something that can help you on the road to getting better and getting some support and understanding with your difficulties. You are very welcome to come along. Support groups: * Take place monthly: 2nd Monday of each month. Support groups take place in Glasgow city centre, 6.15pm-7.45pm and cost £4 (to cover room hire, costs etc - see below);

* Are run by qualified psychotherapists with previous personal experience of eating disorders (now recovered) and other individuals who have recovered from various difficulties;

* Has members who have different types of eating problems - low mood, depression, eating disorders, low confidence and self-esteem, anxiety, body image problems, relationship issues, difficult emotions, stress, work-related concerns, identity and many other problems, concerns and difficulties;

* Females over 16 years old are welcome. * Members and volunteers understand, listen, and provide lots of encouragement and support and never ever judge one another - support sessions give you the opportunity to express yourself freely, in confidence, with people who understand and 'get it'

* A place where you can come along and say what you think, what you are feeling and express yourself with no judgement - only support;

* No pressure to talk if you don't want to - you are welcome to listen in - it's important to use the support group in ways you feel most comfortable with;

* May be something that can help you get some support and understanding. Provides help, support and understanding; is welcoming, encouraging, friendly, safe and in an informal environment;

* Confidential, safe and private;

* You don't need to have a 'diagnosed' 'problem', be seeing a psychiatrist or anything like that - if you are looking for some support and a listening ear, then you are welcome to come along!;

*Chat with others who have similar problems - we talk about serious things, but we also aim to have a little laugh to and make people feel welcome and relaxed as possible;

* Bring a friend/family member with you if you want (although, please note, we don't provide support to carers/supporters/family/friend during these support groups - we are planning new, separate 'carers groups' to start soon);

* People from all areas welcome - not just Glasgow - we have people from Edinburgh, Perth, Falkirk, Ayrshire, South Lanarkshire, East Dunbartonshire, Stirling, Renfrewshire and many other places come along.


** Email for the Glasgow Woman’s Support Group is: gwsg@glasgow-eating-disorders.co.uk
** Specific webpage on our website for the Glasgow Women’s Support Group is:
http://glasgow-eating-disorders.co.uk/glasgow%20women's%2... (http://glasgow-eating-disorders.co.uk/glasgow%20women's%20support%20group.html)

Our general email is: info@glasgow-eating-disorders.co.uk
Our website is: www.glasgow-eating-disorders Other contact information:

General Email: info@glasgow-eating-disorders.co.uk
Glasgow Women’s Support Group Email: gwsg@glasgow-eating-disorders.co.uk
Website: http://www.glasgow-eating-disorders.co.uk - see section on Glasgow Women's Support Group for info on us
Community Website Space: http://www.meetup.com/Glasgow-Womens-Support-Group (http://www.meetup.com/gwsg)
(sign-up required as set to private for members)
Facebook: Ed Glasgow and The CBT'ers Club – Scotland and, coming soon, Glasgow Women’s Support Group
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GlasgowCentreED and https://twitter.com/GlasgowCBT


Please only join this support group if you actually intend coming along to support groups as we do have to pay subscription fees for Meetup as well as room hire and other costs. Anyone joining and not attending support groups after being in this Meetup group for 3 months or more will be removed – it’s ONLY for those who actually intend to come along to the support group.

We anticipate the support group will have its first meeting in May 2016. Support group meetings will be monthly, on a monthly basis, in Glasgow city centre. Over 16s only. Females only (since it’s a women’s support group). There is a small fee of £4 to attend which will help with paying for room hire, handouts, cards, Meetup fees, memberships and other fess incurred in the running of support groups. Thanks for reading and hope to meet with you at one of our new support group soon. Take care and have a good day!

Best wishes,

Glasgow Women's Support Group

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