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"How I learnt to stop using icon fonts and really love SVG” by Sarah Semark

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Carme M.


• Meetup at 6:00pm (please note we are starting 1/2h earlier than last month!)

• Group Announcements at 6:15pm.

• Talk and Q&A starts at 6:30pm.

There will be a selection of cut sandwiches for everyone.

About the speaker -

Sarah is a self-defined globetrotter who has recently moved to Edinburgh. She used to run a freelance design business and is currently working for Automattic, making themes for

Check out her site (

About the talk -

This will be a revised, slightly more technical version of a talk Sarah gave in this year's Wordcamp London.

Icon fonts are no longer exciting new tools, yet most of us are still relying on them. In this talk, Sarah will discuss the various merits of making the switch to SVG and some neat things you can do with it. She will provide some practical tips and tools, discuss ideas for implementing SVG within WordPress themes or plugins and examine various challenges you may encounter, and how to approach them.