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Block Editor hints & tips (Glasgow WP Meetup)

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Jeremy D. and 2 others
Block Editor hints & tips (Glasgow WP Meetup)


April has arrived and it's our first talk of the year. Still online of course. But it means you can pay close attention to the Shared Screen and pick up some hints and tips for making good use of the WordPress Block Editor.
The Block Editor (Gutenberg) has had a very mixed press since it's introduction. Anyone who has been a WP user for more than two years will have their own views on the merits (or not) of WordPress's core editor. But it's here to stay. And for those who are relatively new to WP... it's just the editor!
Jeremy Davis is the current Lead Organiser of the Glasgow WP MeetUp and, having made more use of the Block Editor recently, has collated a few useful pointers and guidelines to make it more of a help than a hindrance.
This will be a presentation of 30-40 minutes with a Q&A discussion to follow. "I'm not a Gutenberg 'expert' so I expect there are many other tips that Glasgow members can share on the night"
Please RSVP if you are aiming to attend. The Zoom link will only be visible to those who RSVP. (The link isn't there yet.... it will be made available as soon as it has been set up in Zoom).
We are grateful to 34SP for hosting the MeetUp. Visit for hosting and domain name options.

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