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The Admiral Bar

72 waterloo St, G2 7DA · Glasgow

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Downstairs function room

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Doors open at 7.15, and kickoff is at 7.30

As the rewards of fame & fortune increase, so does the dedication and desperation of those in the sporting world who will do whatever it takes to win. Science is playing an ever-increasing role in the march towards maximising our athletic prowess. Unfortunately, wherever science goes, quackery is never far behind. In this talk we will take a light-hearted look at some of the preposterous products and procedures that have infiltrated the world of sports & fitness. Some lucky audience members may even get the chance to have their performance 'enhanced'.

About the Speaker:
Brian is the main organiser and primary mouthpiece of Glasgow Skeptics. As such, he has an unhealthy interest in the equally amusing and frustrating realms pseudoscience & quackery. As the son of a PE teacher, he has been indoctrinated to have a deep love of sports & fitness, and has achieved mediocrity in a wide variety of sporting pursuits

This is event is free to attend, although we will be asking for donations at the end of the talk. Participants are under no obligation whatsoever to donate, however please rest assured that the money we collect doesn't end up in anyone's pocket - it is used to fund our overhead costs, and travel/accommodation for our speakers who come from further afield.

Accessibility: As per the policy of the Admiral Bar, access to the venue “can only be provided to patrons who are sufficiently mobile and capable of independently evacuating premises, or with the minimum of assistance”. Unfortunately, this leaves the basement inaccessible to most wheelchair users.

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