What we're about

This is about the call to action to fight climate change now AS IN RIGHT NOW! Like minded people who can bring ideas, use social media, connect with influential people, use the tools available to educate young adults (use of documentaries, factual data, etc) This is an opportunity for us to do something meaningful, share ideas, take action, meet new people and challenge ourselves to help save our planet. Climate Change is real and is picking up momentum very quickly. It is my plan to do something about it.

Who should join? People who really care, people want want to work and want to do something much bigger than themselves. People who have children and want them to grow up on a planet not marred by drought, famine, massive storms, shortage of food and water, flooding, artificial food, where many of our beautiful animals and plants become extinct on a daily basis. A group of creative thinkers, people who love a challenge. I know this group will make a difference in our world

What will we do at our events? I would like to have discussions, share ideas, watch meaningful documentaries, create strategic plans, implement plans and have an atmosphere that is also fun, sharing food, sharing our homes, and make some wonderful new friends.

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Startup meeting/Introductions and goals

23 E Fontanero St

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