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What we’re about

We are now doing online events nationwide and globally.
Attention Coaches, Healers, Experts and Speakers:!
The struggle for the experienced and inexperienced in our industries includes solving the mystery of getting our message out to larger audiences in a compelling way and within integrity. I started this group to powerfully address and alleviate this struggle - creating a concrete pathway to financial freedom and power in your business. 
• How to market and sell your services - start getting high paying clients within the next three months. 
• How to create systems or sales funnels that provide you a flow of good prospects.
• How to plan your time, week, month and year - effectively whilst reducing overwhelm.
• How to be effective and graceful in your negotiations and accountability so that you have outstanding and working partnerships with prospects, clients, joint venture partners and your team. 
How to design your programs to be true to yourself and your work whilst feeding you and paying you well.
• How to avoid the long to-do lists of sales and marketing and free up your time.
• How to create a team that will work for you - so you can focus on things that you love to do.
... and MUCH MORE...
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What you will gain from joining and participating:
* Concise and Impactful Education & Training - Coaching & Speaking techniques to help you feel confident, Powerful Marketing Strategies and Tactics, Sales trainings that fit your style, Becoming Super Organized, Time Management, Reducing Overwhelm and MUCH MUCH MORE! 
* A Supportive Community for you - opportunities to learn from the best in the coaching, healing, expert and speaking industry.
* Powerful, concrete, meaningful and effective networking.
There is no charge to join and for most events, there will be no charge to participate. 
I look forward to meeting you soon! 
Join Us - Click the Join Us Button on this page.
Sunil Bhaskaran 
Global Business Community Builder
Kinds of people served include but are not limited to healers, coaches, experts, speakers, health coaches, life coaches, business coaches, business consultants, marketing consultants, social media consultants, motivational speakers, chiropractors, wellness coaches, money coaches, financial coaches, beach body coaches, fitness coaches, accountability coaches, relationship coaches, NLP practitioners and much more.

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See you very soon. 
Sunil Bhaskaran

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Please join our Global Small Business School, where you can learn to network effectively in the USA.

We will be adding other courses soon at this link above; Time management, productivity for entrepreneurs, doing effective and compelling
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Our twice a month Nationwide Business Networking events (we have people from all over USA, Canada and globally attending)
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