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ATTENTION : Business Execs, Lawyers, Techies, Security Specialists...

FACT 1 : Vast numbers of system breaches leading to data loss and compromise, as well as catastrophic financial losses and regulatory fines continue to occur...despite ever increasing awareness, regulations, and massive efforts with preventive measures being taken.

FACT 2 : If you are responsible (or held accountable) for data and information security and/or regulatory compliance at your organization...your professional, personal, and financial risk can be epic!

FACT 3 : Many of the best resources and necessary real-world skills and knowledge needed to not only combat existing cybersecurity risks now, but to also recover quickly and prevent future potential catastrophic risks, are not taught in formal colleges.

FACT 4 : If any of these earlier facts worry you, then this is the group you need to 'check out'. Leading industry experts and advisors, techies, cloud engineers, vendors, security professionals, cyber and corporate lawyers, and business executives meet to share and enlighten each other on everything cybersecurity and risk related.

1) Get the scoop on real world cyber-terrorism and breaches - the war (and horror) stories - many of which never made it into the headlines.

2) Learn valuable knowledge, skills, insight, and experiences from those who live and breathe them.

3) Gain access to 'invitation only' special VIP workgroups, roundtables, live hands-on training, professional development, and more.

4) Stay updated on the latest and greatest technologies and tools securing the cloud, networks, governments, organizations, individuals, data, information, documents, institutions...and those that also put you and your organization at risk!

5) and much more...

All skill and knowledge levels are welcome, so come check our group out. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

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