What we're about

Do you want to make a positive contribution to society? Are you inspired to bring people together and change the world, beginning with yourself?

We all have the potential to start a revolution, but most leaders with traditional leadership lessons aren’t able to keep up in the fast-paced changing global market.

Welcome to the “Global Leaders of Pacific Northwest” community!

This group is for you if:
- You want to standout and thrive as an agent of change in the 21st century
- You have the courage to learn, unlearn, and relearn to thrive in a borderless society
- You are an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur finding yourself thrusted in global leadership
- You have worked with an international development organization/NGOs, but find yourself frustrated with the lack of meaningful change at the ground level
- You want to connect and build communities with other global change agents

You will learn:
- How to communicating clearly across cultures
- How to set yourself apart as a global leader in the competitive global market
- How to create a global perspective within your work vision
- How to celebrate uncertainty and liberation of becoming
- How to engage in deep listening and dialogue through a global lens
- …and more!

If that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, come join us!

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