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This group is made up of Meetup organizers to connect with companies., ps. The main base will be San Francisco yet anyone from across the globe can be a member. Yet, we have a really tight approval process.

The group is strictly for Meetup organizers and companies that can help Meetup organizers in the following categories

- Providing venue space to host a meetup

- Providing staffing for Meetups

- Providing speakers for Meetups

- Sponsoring meetups

About myself. I am the main organizer of over 48 groups on Meetup and 9 of my groups are on Meetup Pro as you can see here, https://www.meetup.com/pro/anotherreality/#groups/ . All have over 2000 members and are highly active.

This group was created to help address the issue for Meetup organizers to find sponsors and be able to filter out companies and individuals seeking to piggyback off others Meetup groups.

This is a free group for individuals (not companies) who are Meetup organizers. This is only free for people who run a Meetup as the Organizer and pay organizer dues to Meetup based on personal out of pocket expenses. However, for those who are Organizers for Meetups paying and operating a Meetup on behalf of a company dues will not be exempt.

Anyone who works as part of a company or uses meetup as part of their job will need to pay monthly fee of $10 . Venue host will pay dues as well and so will those who sponsor Meetups. Funds will be used to help venue host to connect with meetup Organizers who would be good fit for hosting Meetups, for speakers to find Meetup organizers that are open to them presenting, and event organizers seeking to post on groups owned by other organizers.

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